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One of the best bee products is pollen bee bread , which is made by bees by collecting pollen from different plants.The final steps of pollen bee bread production is done inside the hive by adding honey and other substances in bee saliva and compressing them in hexagonal honeycomb cells.

In the clip below, all these steps are fully explained. We draw your attention to it:

Bee bread vs pollen definition and meaning

The bees do not leave flowers only when they collect nectar from them. But there are pollen on different flowers that stick to the bee’s body. The bee collects these pollen and combine with its spittle and puts it in its back packs of its back leg, which are known as pollen bags.

But how does the beekeeper collect this pollen?

The beekeeper puts a filter with small holes in front of the the hive entrance to separate these pollen from the bee’s foot.

bee bread pollen production

When the bee enters the hive, the pollen of the flower is removed from its leg by sticking to the filter known as the trap of the pollen.

And if these traps are not used, the bee will take the pollen into the hive and store it in honeycombs, which are called bee bread.

Organic bee bread health benefits

What is bee bread good for

Bee feeds on another material, in addition to honey, in order to be able to cope with cold weather in the cold winter days. This material is bee bread pollen.

Organic bee bread can be considered one of the most complete foods found in nature. It is a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

bee bread ingredients

Bee pollen or bee bread for humans is also very lucrative. With the regular use of the bee pollen, the immune system is strengthened. Also, the consumption of bee pollen due to zinc can help accelerate the treatment of diseases such as prostate.

Bee bread ingredients + properties + calories

Bee bread nutritional value + Bee bread vitamins + Bee bread nutrition facts

Bee bread is one of the products that contains a lot of protein and carbohydrates. In addition, there are more than 250 types of vitamins and flavonoids.

This has led bees to use bee bread pollen as the main source of winter food intake. Each tablespoon of bee bread has 16 calories, 1.2 grams of protein and 2.8 grams of carbohydrates.

Bee bread vs pollen

Bee bread vs pollen

The honey bee can be considered as the smartest insect in the world. This small bug is aware of all the benefits of bee bread pollen, which is why it uses it as food source to use in cold days of winter.

Bee pollen has a lot of protein. Varieties of vitamins and minerals are also found in this product. These vitamins make bee bread a complete food for honeybees as well as us.

Bee bread how to eat

is bee bread edible? As a consumer of bee bread, you can select many ways to eat this product. Bee bread can be mixed with many substances. Liquids like milk, juice and even water can be suitable for this.

Bee bread pollen uses

Mixing bee bread with honey is also one of the ways that makes eating the bee bread easier and is one of the ways to preserve pollen bee bread for a long time.

Pollen Bee bread uses

Bee bread how to use? Bee bread pollen can be used in a variety of ways. One of the common ways to use pollen bee bread is to dissolve it in various fluids. Some people choose tea for this purpose.

For this, the tea should not be too warm, which will eliminate the properties of the pollen bee bread . Another great way is to make tea with bee pollen. This is usually done with turmeric.

After boiling the water, put it at room temperature for a few minutes to reduce it’s temperature . Add the bee pollen and turmeric to the water and let it brew. You can use some honey to sweeten this tea.

bee bread taste

Only bee pollen and honey can be used for making bee pollen tea. Or use other ingredients like turmeric and lemon juice. In any case, bee bread pollen tea can be considered one of the most prolific and most flavorful tea in the world.

Bee bread taste

Each of the pollen you see on the market is made using pollen of different flowers. For this reason, each of them has the taste of that flower. The taste of bee bread is heavily dependent on flowers and vegetation that the bee has gone to them.

Most pollen bee bread have a sweet taste with bitter flavor. The bitterness of each of these products depends on the flowers that have been obtained from it.

bee bread price

Bee bread side effects

Bee bread allergic reaction

It can be said that pollen is very safe for a high percentage of people. But the risk that bee pollen is for a small percentage of people is That it can be allergic.

People who are allergic to honeybee products should never use bee bread pollen. But taking this product is free for people who are not allergic.

The consumption of bee bread due to the nature of this substance has no side effects. But in some cases it has been observed that the possibility of allergenic potential to pollen bee bread is high.

Long-term consumption of bee bread is not recommended. Because it can cause problems that stomach pain is one of these possible problems.

For this reason, it is recommended that after consumption of pollen bee bread for a specified period, there will be an interval between it.

What does bee bread look like

Bee bread images

bee bread images

Bulk Bee bread for sale

Given that internet sites can bring more buyers to pollen sellers, many vendors use this method to deliver their product.

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Pollen Bee bread where to buy online

When buying bee pollen, be sure to get the best kind of organic bee pollen. For this purpose, you should be familiar with bee pollen suppliers. And find out which of them is organic bee pollen supplier.

buy Bee bread

To do this, you can get help from the Internet sites and check the history of these suppliers.

At the beginning of this headline, we talked about how to buy organic bee pollen online. It’s also good to talk about the benefits of this purchase.

buying online bee pollen no longer needs to look for organic bee pollen sales centers near you. Because with this purchase method you can make your purchase from any center at any distance.

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bee pollen capsules

Bee pollen capsules

bee pollen capsules

Pollen is quite a varied plant product rich in biologically active substances.

it contains the male reproductive cells of flowers, also contains digestive enzymes from bees.

Pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and amino acids. It’s also a great source of antioxidants.

Bee pollen is a food supplement widely used in the world due to the benefits promoted by the bioactive compounds present in it.

Bee pollen capsules are produced with two models of filled by powder and granules.

Import Honey to USA

US Honey Imports | Import Honey to USA + Requirements

Most honey importing countries are producing honey themselves. But honey production in these countries is not enough to meet their needs. For these reasons, these countries have no choice but to import honey.

Top honey importing countries: According to statistics, the United States and the European Union have the largest imports of honey in the past several years.

So we will look at them first.

Honey Importing Countries

Honey Importing Companies

With increasing population on Earth, felt a greater need for food every day. Honey is one of the most popular foods among humans.

Since the need for this food is gradually increasing, production and sales are also rising.

Most countries do not have facilities to produce honey. Or that the production of honey does not meet their needs.

In these countries there are companies that import honey from other countries. These honey importing countries are looking for best honey with highest quality.

Biggest Honey Producer Company of the World + Honey Producer Countries is an article about this.

Honey Import Restrictions

Each country has restrictions on the import of honey. For example, the United States does not import honey from all honey producing countries.

And only the honey, which has been tested on natural and health, has a chance to enter the American honey market.

Honey that arrives in European countries must have a health certificate approved by these countries.

Honey Import Restrictions

In each country, importers need to have licenses to import honey. License allows these importers to import honey from different countries.

Contact us by email to learn how to get information on honey imports to different countries.

Honey Import Statistics

The statistics on honey imports in 2017 indicate that the United States has had the highest imports of honey this year.

The United States had $ 568 million worth of honey imports this year, accounting for 24% of the world’s honey imports.

After USA, Germany imported $ 281 million honey imports, accounting for 12 percent of global honey imports.

In the third place, Japan imported $ 143 million and with the share of 6% was the third largest importer of honey in the world in 2017.

Can You Import Honey to USA

You can import honey to USA in accordance with certain regulations. If you want to bring honey to the United States for personal use,  this product must be in branded commerce packaging.

Can You Import Honey to USA

Also, the amount of imports for personal use should not exceed a certain limit. In the meantime, you should be careful about the country where honey is produced. Because import food is forbidden from some countries to USA.

Honey Import Regulations US

It is certain that honey as a food for import into the United States must adhere to a series of requirements. The USA is very strict in importing food to its own country.

The honey that imports to the United States must be thoroughly tested beforehand. Honey should be identified in a specific package with the brand. In fact, honey imported into the United States must contain only one substance, and it is honey!

Honey is a product that should be completely tested for health before it crosses any borders. In addition, it is packaged and labeled on the basis of regulations. According to US regulations, honey has to undergo a number of tests to enter the country according to FDA regulations.

USDA Honey Import Requirements

USDA Honey Import Requirements

Requirements to import honey to USA

Honey imported into the United States must be certified by the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA to enter the United States. USDA has special requirements for import honey to USA.

For example, the country of origin should be clear. Because importing honey is restricted from some countries. On the packaging label, the entries must be perfectly legible and in English.

importing honey to usa

Honey production is ongoing in most US states, including Florida and Georgia. But honey consumption in the United States is much higher than production in the country.

That’s why the United States is one of the honey importers in the world. The USA imports 60% of its honey. India is one of the main suppliers of honey consumed in the United States.

Europe is the second largest honey producer in the world. But this quantity does not meet the domestic needs. For this reason, European countries are forced to import honey from other countries. The European Union has the largest import of honey between importing countries.

In the following article, we have talked more fully about EU honey imports.

wild honey

Wild honey

wild honey

These days, the word wild honey is often found on the Internet, which is also called mountain or forest honey.

And some people claim that they have wild honey and they get it from the rocks in the mountains or from the trunks of the trees in the forest.
They mean that this honey is not made by bees in the hive.
This mountain or forest honey has countless properties and is much better than the honey in the hive.

raw propolis

Raw Bee propolis

raw propolis

Propolis is a substance similar to beeswax and produced by bees.
Its shape is a sticky paste with a pleasant odor that its color varies from green to dark brown.
The color and aroma of propolis are different in different regions and its characteristics depend on the type of plants in each region.
There is many products based on propolis.

honey importing countries

Top Honey Importing Countries+ Import of Honey to EU

There are different regions and countries are present in the world , which hold the overwhelming beauty of the natural items and among all of them honey production is great prominence.

Further ,honey is the foodstuff , which has done a great progress since the old days and are still making a great prominence trade around the globe. There are various countries which are doing the importation of honey in the world.

first, let’s pay attention to the following clip about it:

Top 10 Honey Importing Countries

The list of the exporting countries is quite high. This shows that the importing countries hold different price rates as well , which is very valuable fact.

Honey is highly imported by the diverse countries of the world which we all can see in the trade, as the trade of honey is getting high day by day. The usage of honey shows the high production rate of it too.

Honey needs honeybees and these insects need flowers to suck the amount of nectar for the production of honey. Further, honey importers are widely expanded in the world as well.

importing honey

As you can see in the chart above, 9 out of 15 countries are in the European Union.

Import Honey European Union

Europe is the second largest honey producer in the world after China. There are currently 17 million hives in European countries. These hives produce more than two hundred thousand tons of honey per year.

But this amount of European honey is not responsive to domestic consumption. That’s why Europe have to import honey.

honey producer in the world

In 2017, top honey importing countries were European countries. Honey imports in the European countries accounted for more than 48% of the world’s imported honey.

Furthermore, world honey production statistics 2019 , vary differently in the countries. The high trade of honey show us that there are some countries which are famous in the export of the purest form of honey in the world and importers of honey are vastly and widely seen in trade as well.

European Union Standards For Honey

Honey is not a simple edible item. in fact, it holds different various things in it like different compounds and other elements which are of great importance for the healthy life.

European Union Standards For Honey

Markets hold different kinds of honey, which is something widely seen in the world. The kinds of honey, may differ in color, taste as well as viscosity. As we all know that not all kinds of honey are good in quality, and the best form of honey is demanded by people mostly.

Further, the high rate of trade of the items like honey, is extremely great and this is a very important point in the popularity of honey.

EU Honey Import Requirements and Regulations

Importing any food to the EU requires some of the requirements and regulations. Honey needs to be considered as one of the products of an animal and of course as a food.

EU Honey Import Requirements

Having health certification is the first requirement for import to Europe. Honey can only get a chance to import to EU only if it has a health certification.

Between the European countries, the amount of honey production in Germany is high. Of the 200,000 tonnes of honey produced in Europe, more than 20,000 tonnes of honey are produced in Germany. But Germany, like all EU countries, has to import honey.

Honey imports to Norway require that this product has certain standards. Norway is one of the countries that has many regulation to import food. Only  that kind of honey that is compatible with Norwegian regulation can enter the market of that country.

EU Honey Import Regulations

Honey Import Netherlands

Netherlands is an independent state located in the European countries. Although Netherlands is a wealthy country, the amount of honey production in the country is very low.

That’s why Netherlands is bound to import honey. Most of the import of honey in Netherlands comes from honey produced in the European countries.

Most European countries, on the one hand, are producing honey, and on the other hand they are importers of honey.

The amount of honey production in Ireland is not high. That’s why a large amount of honey imports to Europe comes to Ireland. Of course, only honey that has the standard of Ireland regulations have permission to enter to the country.

Honey Import Netherlands

UK Honey Import Regulations

UK honey import regulations vary based on the country where the export is from. The regulations and requirements for honey from non-European countries are very strict. If imported from one non-European country, you must in the first place have a health certificate.

Honey is known in the definition of the United Kingdom as a food of “animal origin”. That is, it is a product that is derived from an animal or an insect.

The only honey that can enter to the UK is the one that has health certificate. An official inspector in the country of origin must sign this certificate.

UK honey import has so many restrictions specially for non EU countries. Two factors are so important in UK honey import. One is the quality of imported honey, which should have a very high quality.

Honey Import Regulations

And the other is the food safety that each imported honey must have these two factors. Imported honey in the UK should also be tested in a variety of ways.

Import Duty Honey UK

Import duty is a tax that must be paid for import into a country. All food imported into the UK has a specific import duty. UK is one of the countries that import a large portion of honey per year. The UK has a specific import duty for honey from different countries.

As you know, European countries have a small amount of honey export to various countries along with import of honey. Among European countries Bulgaria produces between 10,000 and 15,000 tons of honey per year . Importing honey from Bulgaria is usually done to countries like the UK.

Bulgaria is one of Britain’s largest trading partners. This country exports a lot of products to Britain annually. In 2016, Britain was the sixth country to import Bulgarian products. This shows how well the two countries are cooperating with each other in importing and exporting different products.

pure honey for sale

Pure honey

pure honey for sale

One of the attractions of beekeeping is the variety of work. Beekeepers are trying to increase their profits from beekeeping by producing a variety of products and thus increasing their hives.

One of the bee products is natural honey. This product itself has a lot of variety.

this following reasons divide natural honey to the variety types of honey:

– Types of honey based on production time
– production area
– color
– and based on how it is produced and extracted

bee pollen

Bee pollen granules

bee pollen

These colorful golden pollens are made by creative bees.
Depending on the flower they pick up, make different colors of bee pollen.
#Organic_products are always one step ahead of chemical products due to the lack of harm.

honey bee

Honey bee facts

honey bee

it is interesting to know,In all animals, the number of chromosomes of male and female animals is equal
And the bee is the only animal whose chromosomal structure is different from other animals Because
the female bee has 16 pairs of chromosomes while the male bee has 16 single chromosomes.

bee venom

What does bee venom do?

bee venom

Bee venom is a colorless, acidic liquid. Bees excrete it through their stingers into a target when they feel threatened.

What does bee venom do?

Bee sting venom contains proteins that affect skin cells and the immune system, causing pain and swelling around the sting area.

In people with a bee sting allergy, bee venom can trigger a more-serious immune system reaction.