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Sour Cherry Jam is one of the most popular jams that has a delicious flavor.

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Benefits of sour cherry jam

Sour cherry is a beautiful and tasty fruit that you have ever eaten from this fruit.

Sour cherry has many benefits to the body and the sour cherry jam also has a benefit. Sour cherry calming nerves and sugar in it is not harmful for diabetics.

Sour cherry is useful to quench the thirst. Sour cherry jam is also useful for liver failure, and taking jam for several days is effective in treating these diseases.

It is also useful for stomach ulcers and is also effective in treating kidney and intestinal swelling.

Best Sour Cherry Jam For Sale

Any producer who is active in the market can not claim to have the best sour cherry jam for sale.

Making the best sour cherry jam needs to have enough experience in this regard.

Of course, novice producers can use the new and innovative methods to offer the best of this product with a new flavor.

The new product has a lot more chances to become a popular product among buyers.

sour cherry jam

Sour Cherry Jam Uses

The only use of cherry jam is not to spread it on the toast. But you can use cherry jam for much more uses than this.

For example, it can be used to fill donuts. Or you can take this jam with yogurt. Sour cherry jam is also one of the ingredients of cherry jam cake.

There are also different sweets that are made using sour jam.

Cherry Jam Recipe No Pitting

In many recipes, we can see that cherries are pitting before starting to make the jam.

If you want to remove the cherry core, you have no other way than pitting. You can, of course, remove the cherry core by dividing it into halves.

But in this case, your jams are likely to be squashed. But we should consider that some people prefer cherry jam in this shape and texture.

sour cherry jam

Sour Cherry Jam Greek

Different countries have different ways to make a product like jam.

In the Greek sour cherry jam, we find that our main ingredients are sour cherries, sugar, water and lemon juice.

Add the sugar and water and lemon juice after separating the sour cherry core. Then place this mixture on heat to slowly boil.

After a while the jam texture becomes tighter and the jam is ready, you can remove it from the heat.

We have different kind cherry jam for sale. Contact us to get more information.

Sour Cherry Jam Best Price

The goal of all buyers of sour cherry jam is to buy the best of this product at the best price.

To be successful, you need to find a vendor selling that product under these terms. Finding such a vendor is easier on the Internet environment.

Because there are more sellers available at this location, each one selling their products to different conditions.

sour cherry jam

Sour Cherry Freezer Jam

You do not need to heat the jam to make sour cherry freezer jam. To prepare this product:

  1. mix sour cherry and sugar and leave it for a few minutes.
  2. Then pour pectin in boiling water and added to the mixture of cherries and sugar.
  3. Stir this mixture until the sugar is dissolved.
  4. After cooling jam you can put it in a special container and place it in the freezer. Sour cherry freezer jam can be used for up to six months.

It is possible to make freezer jam with a variety of fruits. You can spend very little time in the production of sour cherry freezer jam.

Because this jam prepared without being placed on heat.

In this way, honey is often used instead of sugar, and the fruits are mixed with honey in the blender. Freezer jam should be kept in the freezer.

Sugar Free Jam

Sugar can be considered the main ingredient in making any kind of jam.

Because it makes jam sweets. But other kind of sweeteners can be used instead of sugar.

This is done to reduce the amount of sugar content in the jam. In order to make some jams using sweet fruits, you can use juice to sweeten.

Using honey is one of the strategies to reduce the amount of sugar in the jam.

sour cherry jam price

Sour Cherry Jam Iran

Sour cherry jam with a sour taste and sweetness is one of the most popular Iranian jams.

The raw materials needed to make this jar: One kilo of sour cherries, one kilo of sugar, one tablespoon lemon juice, one tablespoon of rose water.

  1. Separate sour cherry core and add sugar and let it stay for one night.
  2. Then add lemon juice to this mixture and put it on gentle heat.
  3. Add the rose water to the mixture after the sugar is dissolved.
  4. After a few moments of boiling, the jam will be ready.

Sour Cherry Jam to Buy

As mentioned earlier, the purchase of sour cherry jam wholesale through the Internet can be the best.

Through this way you can find the best price of sweet cherries.

The high number of vendors, as well as easy access to them, has made online shopping the best option for buyers.

If you have a question about buying this product, you should touch contact us tab on the toolbar.

buy sour cherry jam

Buy Sour Cherry Jam Online

One of the best ways to buy sour cherry jam is to buy online.

If you type the phrase “buy sour cherry jam” on Google search, you will find many sites that almost all of these sites are selling jams online.

Of course, the buyer must know about important factors such as site reciprocity, purchase price and buy purchase information before buying.

Persian Sour Cherry Jam Recipe

Persian jam recipes are very easy and convenient in most cases. Iranians seem to prefer simple and delicious methods to make jam.

To make Persian cherry jam, you can mix the cherries with sugar and wait for one night.

After a night, put these jams, along with the juice from which it is removed, on the gentle heat. You can use rose water and cardamom to give the aroma to this product.

The Persian sour cherry recipe is one of the easiest ways to prepare this jam.

Of course, in Iran there are different ways to make jam, but it can be said that the method mentioned here is the most common method of preparing Persian cherry jam.

In this method, first pit the sour cherry core. Then, for each kilo of cherry, add one cup of sugar to the cherries and let it stay for overnight.

Then place the mixture of cherries and sugar in a heat treatment and let it cook with gentle heat. Adding cardamom and rose water is optional.

Strawberry Sour Cherry Jam

Mixing different fruits together in the preparation of jam is one of the ways to create new flavors in making different types of jam.

Strawberry sour cherry jam is one of these. Putting sour cherries sour taste into strawberry jam makes the final result a very different taste.

The taste that will be of great interest to people who welcome new flavors in jam.

What to Do with Sour Cherry Jam

One of the main uses that can be made from sour jam is spreading it on bread and eating at breakfast or evening meal.

But this jam can have many other uses For example, make a cherry jam cake, which is one of the most delicious cakes.

It is also common to use cherry jam to make muffin or pancake more tasty.


Wholesale Jams And Preserves | Wholesale Jam Companies

Wholesale jams And preserves, one of the most important materials used in making jams, preservatives. Preservatives prevent jams from getting damaged and it makes it longer to maintain and use.

The history of the marmalade, jams or preserves are not too long and these are new products, because the sugar is a product that has been discovered in the last few decades.

All around the world there are too many factories that are producing different types of jams and preserves. Some of the European countries like Italy are the biggest producers.

Let’s watch jam production line, first:

Here are three top things to consider when buying food, it is the expiration date of the product that is very important, to the ingredients of the product that need to be carefully purchased and the product to be closed which no one has opened.

When shopping, you need to take care of these three points.

Which Jam Have the Lowest Bulk Prices?

Jams have varieties, consisting of different types. For example:

  •  Fig jam
  • Cherry jam
  • Carrot jam
  • Walnut jam

And various other types of jam are mentioned at different prices.The cheapest ones are jams made from cheaper materials.

Some jams are more expensive than others because of their more expensive ingredients.

To buy cheap wholesale jams you need to go to wholesale jams across the city .Bulk grape jelly is another jam that is popular among people.

This kind of jam, new jams are coming into the market.

Depending on the type and size of these jams there are different prices that you can buy at a lower price if you buy them directly and in bulk.

Who Sells Discounted Jams And Preserves In Bulk?

Discount jams that don’t cost too much for raw materials and make jams themselves. They sell jams both wholesale and retail at cheaper prices.

Many who use jams are looking for cheaper places to buy jams to store jams in bulk. Mini jams are more used than large jams in many centers. Most hotels and planes use small jams, which have a lot of fans.

Jams can even produce your own, which is both cheaper and healthier. To produce jam you need the fruit want to produce and store in bulk.

How To Buy Jams And Preserves At Cheapest Price?

There are many companies and manufacturers around the country that manufacture and distribute jams throughout the country.

There are many jams in all cities where you can buy your favorite jams. To buy the lowest priced jams, you should go to the junk distributor centers.

The cheaper the jams are, the cheaper the raw materials used in the jams will be in their price. For grocery shopping at cheaper prices go to discount grocery stores.

Preservatives are very important in the production of jams so that if the preservatives are not used in the jams, the jams will break down within a short period of time and will no longer be usable. Preservatives can be manufactured from factories.

Keep jams in cool, dry places to prevent them from getting damaged. Heat causes corrosion and unusable jams.

Wholesale Jams And Preserves Price List For Traders

For getting the price list, please contact us.

Jams have many varieties in terms of ingredients and sugar.Jams have a list of different parts that vary in sweetness of the ingredients used.

Jams are one of the substances produced in the country and exported to other countries.The price list for jams trading for different people is different.

In many countries, jams are the main food ingredient for breakfast. In some countries they do not produce jams and are one of the substances they import.

Sugar free jam bulk, are one of the jams suitable for people with diabetes and therefore one of the most commonly used jams for sick people.

sour cherry jam price

Sugar free jams are one of the many jams produced in the country and exported to other countries.

Trading is one of the jams that they buy and then take to other cities. Price lists for these jams are cheaper for merchants because they in bulk.

Jams And Preserves | Where to Find Low Prices?

Marmalade and jams are two delicious edible foods that are usually used on breakfast cereals. Preserves are also like jams and there is no special different between them.

Preserves are foods that made with fruits preserved in the sugar. Jams and preserves are so popular in most countries around the world and as it was said they usually are being used in breakfasts.

There are many stores throughout the city for grocery shopping. Food is the most basic need of any person to pay special attention to.

One of the most commonly used foods is jams. There are plenty of jam shops in every city that people can go to buy.

What is the difference between marmalade and preserves?

Some of the jams always have their own fans, and even it’s easy to get their fruit and bake. Jams are a processed product that combines all kinds of fruits with sugar or water and sugar.

If during the process of cooking and preparing jam, invert sugars (dehydrated sugars) is not adjusted, the product after a while can be get crystallized.

Difference between wholesale jam and preserves , We mentioned above for you that Jams and preserves are the same and they do not have any difference.

Jams and preserves are some types of fruits that are cooked with sugar and water. Most ingredient of jams and preserves is sugar after fruits. Eating jams and preserves is high masses is not good for our health due to the high levels of sugar in them.

Which is healthier jam or preserves?

History of jams, Most people think the history of jam production dates back to many years, while its production history is not so old, because sugar, which is one of the main ingredients of jam, is a new product.

The preparation of jam has long been a typical method of long-term preservation of fruits. In fact, jam is the main food for breakfast, and the use of fruit jam is always an integral part of any breakfast table.

Starting a new day with a fresh, refreshing, fresh meal gives you fresh energy and energy during the day.

Sugar is the most important ingredient that is used in all jams and preserves, Due to the high level of sugar in these foods, it is better to eat it modicum.

Jams and preserves are so delicious and their benefits and side effects are like each other.

Can I substitute preserves for jam?

The jam, depending on the type and the fruits used, also supplies essential vitamins to the body. It can be said that none of the food groups are as varied in color and flavor as the fruits.

Fruits contain nutrients like vitamins and minerals, and also contain some simple sugars such as glucose and fructose. One part of this need can be fed with juice, jam and jelly.

If cooked correctly, it can be used to preserve the natural nutrients and vitamins that it needs, and provide the body with vitamins. You can substitute preserves with jams.

Difference between jam and jelly and marmalade, In the jams you can find the big fruit pieces or even the fruit as its own type but in the marmalade fruit pieces are too small and you can not see and find big fruit pieces in them.

How long can homemade jam last?

The shelf life of jams and marmalades is high and depends on the ways of producing and the type of fruits.

Some fruits have longer shelf life and their jams can also last longer but if you cook the jams or marmalades in good way, You can keep them about 1 year in the refrigerator sometimes you can even keep them more than 1 year and as it was said it depends on some factors.

Wholesale Jam Market Price List Today

Wholesale jam market price list in the world depends on several factors. Today, in the world jam market the factors of wholesale jam price can be distinguished from the price of raw material of jam products to the cost of packaging this product.

Also according to figure 1, in the wholesale jam market , most of the major buyers are Europeans.

The high consumption of all types of jam in European countries has led them to account for more than half of the jams. This indicates that the list of prices for different kind of jam in wholesale markets has a huge impact on the today price of this product in European countries.

jam supplier figure

Factors affecting of jam market price

Different kinds of jam are made of fruits. Fruits used for this purpose can only be of a specific type, or a mixture of several types that produce a different product. The most common sweetener used in the production of jam is Sugar. So the today price of fruit used in jam production, as well as the price of sugar, can affect the global price of jam in the wholesale markets.


Today another important factor affecting the final price of jam in the wholesale market is the packaging of this product. In some cases, a single product type with two different types of packaging will result in different prices. Of course, in the world market where most sales are made in bulk, the best packaging for different types of jam should be used.

Wholesale jam market

Today, the best way for major buyers of different kinds of jam in the wholesale market is to get information about the price list of product before making a purchase.

jam price table

This makes it possible to firstly make purchases at the price of the day, and secondly, weigh on all aspects of the product that they intend to buy. Certainly most of the experienced buyers of jam already are aware of this issue.

Jams Wholesale | 5 Tips to Buy Jams

The jams wholesale is available in the different parts of the market. Jam is a sweet substance of cooked fruits. It is known from a long time ago. People cooked different fruits and used it as an energetic snack.

There are many jam recipes which are accomplished by the housewife or the companies. The jam is made of the pieces of fruit, sugar, water some other spices such as cinnamon, carnation and damask rose. The types of jams have special lovers and people choose them due to their interests. The jam can be eaten by many types of bread, butter, and creams and also is useful for garnishing the cake, confections, and cookies. There are handmade (homemade) jams that produce at home, they are completely organic. The jams are called preserves too.

Jam brands present to people in different qualities. So, the manufacturers are competing with each other to attracting more customers.

The jam definition food present in this article to the readers.

Which Countries Are Selling Discounted Jam To Other?

In our country, there are many brand companies producing a huge number of jams in different tastes and qualities inside the other canned foods.

This substance is used in many countries, especially with peanut butter for different times.

The balance of producing the foodstuffs such as jams and other sweet products is too much than the other countries as they export many of them in the whole world annual.

Percents of discounted prices provide to the customers who are demanding such productions every day.

The quality of these productions is at a good level, so, people can trust to use them. The price of foreign jams is more than inland ones.

Who Sells Discounted Jam In Bulk?

Selling the jam food whether they are homemade or produced by the factories often contains discounts and offers in some special times such as festivals and … But the wholesale stores always present the jams at lower prices.

Of course, the bulk volume of these products mostly purchased by restaurants, cafes, and confectioneries.

There are many online websites presenting the types of jams with different brands by suitable costs. The homemade jams also exist in these websites. So, the customers can choose according to their interests and deliver them inside the appointed location.

Some companies also sell the produced jams directly to the customers in bulk volumes and lower prices.

Cheapest Jams Market In Iran

The price of the jams depends on the type of fruit in addition to the brands. The cheapest jam is the carrot in the market, the other types of jams mentioned right now according to their price:

  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Sour cherry
  • Fig
  • Peel orange
  • Citron
  • Kiwi
  • Quince

The grocery stores and other markets present these productions according to the marked price in the companies. To know more detail about the name of these companies you can go to the main websites.

The other special jams such as mushroom and pumpkin mostly present in the handmade state. The related websites can help you to get these products.

Jams Products 2019 Price List For Exporters

The new list price of jams in 2019 has already presented after one month.

The exporters start to sending the related productions out of the border after realizing the prices as well.

The exported products often present in higher prices into the inland markets because they are in the highest grade.

Generally, the blueberry jams are the most expensive in the market because it only imports from foreign countries and Iran does not have suitable farms to grow them.

The related websites which present the jam price list in the last state clearly to the users and visitors. Also, the useful information about the process of making different types of jams is available on some of the websites that you can get the right recipes to do them easily.

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Honey Per Pound | Wholesale honey buyers

Do you know how much costs to buy the honey per pound? What’s the honey anyway?

Honey is a natural product of the bees. Honey is sweet stuff made by the transpiration of the flowers and other plants. These insects change the matter of the flower pollen into a heavy and beneficial material. The bees make the honey into something called beehive. The material of the organic honey is beeswax. This material has health benefits that are used for many kinds of diseases. 

Honey is famous in the whole world. The first rank of honey production belongs to China. This country produces more than six hundred tons of honey every year. The lowest amount of producing that material is for India.    

Honey Per Pound | Wholesale honey buyers

How much is honey per pound?

How much is honey per pound?The production of honey is widely spread into Iran. Our country is the third producer of honey in the world. There’re many apiculture centers are producing more than five and 6 hundreds tons of this stuff every year. That’s a reason for accomplishing the commercial usages. 

There’re some types of honey into the markets:

  • Waxed honey
  • Honey without wax

The wax is the sign of organic honey. This kind of honey is more valuable than the simple ones and because of that, this honey costs more. 

As you know, organic foodstuff always cost more than customs. Therefore, the price of an organic honey per pound in more than the ordinary one, Also, the price of honey per gallon is tenfold. If you want to buy the honey, it’s better to go to the valid stores which sell organic honey. Moreover, you even can buy the board for this product. The national honey board prices extra. The weight of these boards is almost between 5 or 10 kilograms.  

How profitable is honey selling?

How profitable is honey selling?Honey is a global product, it means that this material has thousands of lovers in the whole world. So, if you’re everywhere, you can make profits by selling honey products due to presenting good qualities. There’re many people started the apiculture and earned double of his/her fund after just one year. Moreover, this product can use for many medical and health usages. A teaspoon of honey included:

  • Water
  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Natural sugar
  • Carbohydrates
  • Iron
  • Vitamins
  • Calcium

and dozens of other mineral materials. The honey recharges your energy during the day for hours. The medical scientists are studying the honey benefits for years. They recommend using that in the breakfast meal every day. 

By telling all of these points, it’s reasonable that apiculture centers earn too much money for the related workers. But of course, this business requires enough experience. Beside it, there are some health benefits that honey brings:

  • Decreasing the cough and curing the cold
  • Improving the memory
  • Curing digestive diseases such as gastric reflux
  • Curing the acne and pimple 

honey wholesale prices 2019

honey wholesale prices 2019When you go to market and shopping centers, you face many honey products with different brands and packages. These range of products also present at different prices according to how much this honey is organic or Does it have waxes or not! Be careful about market products because some of the quality of honey productions are not equal and some of them may be fake. These products only produce by sugar which is not advised. So, choose the valid centers and brands to buy a jar of honey.

Honey wholesale prices of 2019 have changed due to the high costs of bringing up these products by apiarists. You’re able to buy the brand honey from wholesalers of your city. These centers sell the honey in bulk volume by lower prices that are discounted for you. 

how much does a quart of honey cost?

how much does a quart of honey cost?The weight of honey packages which are selling all around the markets is different. Due to each quart (equivalent to 1 or 1.50 liters), you have to pay off a considerable price. If the honey is included waxes the price surely increases. The weight of these products is divided into 100 g, 300 g, 500 g, 900 g, 1 kg and …

There’re many online websites and shopping stores that present hundreds of honey with different brands. These websites prepare all of the detail of the product such as manufacturer, price, the quality and the weight. You can order the best one of them easily. The other advantage of this way is that the purchased commodity delivers you as soon as possible.  

, ,

Cost Of Honey Per Pound | Major Honey wholesale & Price Details

Cost Of Honey Per Pound

Honey source

In the human body, there are members whose multiple cavities are visible. These cavities, sometimes referred to as ventricles, belong to the brain centers, called ventricles, as well as ventricles or heart or gastrointestinal ventricles.

The bee strain is considered to be one of the honey ventricles and is part of the digestive tract because it is due to the presence of a substance called “anortin”

Hazelnut acid sucrose is altered, that is, it undergoes a special stage of digestion, and as a result, sucrose becomes part of glucose and lolz, which is 70 to 75 percent of the sweetness and concentration of honey associated with it, and more or less it is on the grain. Cranial) and tightening honey has a general interferenc

Cost Of Honey Per Pound | Major Honey wholesale & Price Details

5 Surprising health benefits of honey

5 Surprising health benefits of honeyhoney price per liter

Selecting and keeping honey

In the selection and storage of honey, it can be packed in bulk or in bulk. These days, most honey is pasteurized, but validated places and (authentic places) can also be found in its raw materials. Raw honey, pasteurized and not refined. It has the highest properties and is one of the best choices. Look for honey types that are labeled “100% natural.” Natural honey is usually semi-transparent. Creamy honey is a non-transparent color and is made up of liquid honey by adding honey crystals. Special quality honey is extracted from nectar of various flowers such as hyacinths, eucalyptus, etc.

Honey comes in a range of different colors, including white, amber, red, brown, and almost black.

benefits of buying honey in bulk

benefits of buying honey in bulk honey suppliers

The taste of the nectar depends on the flowers that the honey comes from. Most bees make honey from necklaces such as clover, alfalfa, cholon, and acacia. But it can be said that honey from different flowers such as hyacinths and ointments can also be taken and available in many ways. Keep in mind that the honey is taller, the taste is sharp and sharper. You should keep the honey in a container and prevent the air from entering into it. If you keep honey in a cool and dry place, you can use it for an unlimited time. This is due to the presence of high levels of carbon hydrates and high acid PH, which prevents the growth of any garnish microarray. If you keep the honey in a cool place, it will be thick and tight and if you keep it in a warm place, it will darken and lose its original taste.

10 major wholesalers of honey

10 major wholesalers of honey  honey wholesale price

Single flower honey (Uniform)

It is possible to educate the bees so that they collect only a specific herb (for example, acacia or ointment). The formula provided by this method is identified by the name of the same flower.

In this method, using the special methods of bees, they recognize the aroma of this plant and, through several flowers that simultaneously flower, they know the flower and collect only honey.

Sugar Honey

The origin of sugar syrup or a mixture of honey and sugar means sugar is available to the bee instead of mint beads, which may even be put on the market. The honey that comes in this way naturally does not smell of flowers and does not taste sugar. Its specific weight is less than honey. It has a higher percentage of sucrose than honey and is also not caught. According to some honey-producing experts, if this type of honey is sugar-saturated due to the saturation of sugar, its crystals appear to be thicker.

Cost Of Honey Per Pound

Cost Of Honey Per Poundbulk honey

It should be noted that by relying on the appearance of less honey, it is possible to make a statement about its purity and quality, since only the laboratory method is a suitable method for determining the purity of honey.

This garnish is a great and wonderful product of the miracle of bee honey and is a good alternative to white sugar. Although it is available throughout the year, it should be noted that it is in operation in the spring and autumn

And this time it is the newest one.

The amazing process of preparing honey starts from the rotation of the bees around the flowers. Meanwhile, they collect flowers in their mouths. Nectar of flowers with special enzymes in the bees mouth saliva. The compound is converted to honey by a chemical process. Bees take honey into the hive and store them in the holes and walls of each grid of the hive. Vibrations caused by their fluttering effect the ventilation work and cause excessive moisture to be lost and ready to use. In addition, honey is a nutritious and natural sweetener. Research has shown that unique honey combinations make it an effective antioxidant antioxidant.

, ,

Bulk Honey | Top 10 Honey Wholesalers & Producers

Bulk Honey

Honey is classified in different ways and is named according to the three types of honey that are exceptional:

Poisonous honey

Honey from some plants has been proven to be poisonous to humans, causing poisoning and complications such as vomiting, headaches and imbalances because it contains a type of poisoning glucose. This type of honey is not toxic to the bee itself and it’s easy for the bees to eat it. In areas where poisonous plants and bees collect honey, beekeepers can use these areas to produce wax and baby hive. There are plants that pollen and pollen produced by them for poisonous bees and poisonous honey is also toxic to humans.

Various studies have shown that honey derived from nectar of pseudophyllous plants such as bacon, thistle, honeydew, chives, elm, etc. are never toxic to humans.

A plant that poisons honey from that human being is a seedlings called Chama edaphne cahyeulata moench
This kind of honey, although harmful to humans, causes it to cause complications such as vomiting, dizziness, and severe stomach pain, but not the slightest effect on the bee itself, as it can be when it comes to winter wear.

The honey that burns it produces sneezing, or drinking sugar and drunk, and burning the throat. This kind of honey is poisonous and is not suitable for nutrition.Bulk Honey | Top 10 Honey Wholesalers & Producers

how to determine quality of honey ?

how to determine quality of honey ?

The palm honey, which was followed in this research, is a palm extract, which is leached and liquid-solid separation by colorless and odorless filtering and, to some extent, tasteful, and then under certain conditions The temperature and pressure, so that it does not reappear inappropriately, is so concentrated that the water contained therein is lower than the minimum required for the growth of the bacteria. This honey, which has very close physical and chemical properties with honey, can be recyclable from any date and grade. Experts say that every 1 kg of grades 3 and 4, or the wastes of packing plants, average 300 Honey is cooked, which can increase up to 450 grams under certain conditions.wholesale honey

2. Artificial honey

It refers to honey-like substances and compounds that are produced without the intervention of the bee. And usually they use sugar cane and milk fruits such as melons, watermelons, lazy pumpkins and dates to make such honey. However, they are used as honey, but they are not honey, but the condensation of fruit juices Artificial and industrial. Palm honey was produced for the first time in our country in the 70th year from the limescale grades 3 and 4 and it was released to the people. This honey is a condensed extract of the day, which is processed through a physical process in terms of color and flavor, and all of its unknown cases are known in the laboratory and to the extent possible to the physical and chemical conditions of the honey from the bee Honey.

different colors and flavors of honey

different colors and flavors of honey honey wholesale price

Radioactive honey

In some types of honey, there is a very small amount of radium, which is proved by covering honey glasses with sensitive films and covering them with black paper and viewing images of radiation from radium in sensitive paper. This property is related to the soil and land that honey plants have grown there.

natural honey

According to the definitions in the advanced countries, honey is called nectar of flowers, which has been made by honey bee after feeding from different plants. Now, if you use sugar or white sugar instead of nectar in flowers, then the product can not be called honey. Honey beekeepers have intrinsic strengths that recognize useful flowers from unnecessary ones. They are fond of treating all medicinal herbs and healing flowers, and they get the perfect extract of these beautiful and useful flowers and give them the best. . This honey is quite natural and rich in food and life, and can meet all the nutritional needs, because it contains all the elements and minerals and vitamins that the flower provides, and the bees are absorbed and absorbed. It makes blood. On the other hand, the quality of honey is 10 times higher than the artificial honey obtained from giving water and sugar to the bees. Artificial honey is only suitable for feeding bees and it is not very important to humans

10 best honey wholesalers 2019

10 best honey wholesalers 2019 honey manufacturers

Honey is classified from a variety of perspectives by virtue of their properties or state of the art as follows:

– according to the source of flower nectar (plant type)

A. Monoflor honeys gathered by honey beekeepers from a specific flower such as clover honey, acacia, sunflower, pure honey, with great difficulty.

B – Polyflor honey, which is collected from several flowers such as mountain honey, fruit honey such as citrus honey and various fruitful and non-productive trees.

2 – Fits the production time

A: Spring honey: like citrus honey and acacia and fruit trees that beekeepers collect in the early spring.

B: Autumn Honey: It produces from mid-summer to early fall.

3 – Fits the production area: Damavand honey and Koohrang honey

4- Fits honey color: colorless honey such as acacia honey, yellow honey such as honey sauce, red honey like thyme honey.

5 – In terms of production and extraction: such as liquid honey (nectar), crystallized honey, their honey, a mixture of liquid honey with their honey and wax honey, special for native hives, and chopped in containers Sell ​​for sale.

wholesale price of honey per liter

wholesale price of honey per liter honey benefits

Doubtless at first, honey has caused human attention to bee honey. The earliest historical work that has been interpreted by humans of honey is seventeen thousand BC, which has been observed in Spain.

The work consists of a carved human face on a rock that uses a scapular to reach the local colony and has a container for putting honey with hips. While working honey beekeepers have come to fly around him. A painting that has been from the time after the above is from Africa and shows that the person is doing the same thing, except that he uses smoke to stop the beekeepers.

Archaeologists say that the primitive tribes were familiar with the collection of honey. Some used honey from scavenging honey, and others have been endangering their lives for having honey from nests in rocky and rocky rocks and in deep valleys.