Types of Royal Jelly

Why is it important to maintain Royal Jelly?

Types of Royal Jelly

The reason is that you are dealing with a medicine. Naturally, you use royal jelly to treat a disease or prevent a disease.

As a result, if you want to make the most of the properties of Royal Jelly, you must pay attention to the consumable is healthy and not spoiled.

The best temperature for storing raw royal jelly in the freezer is below zero degrees. Some scientists believe that raw royal jelly should be stored at a temperature between -5 to zero degrees.


raw bee propolis

Raw Bee Propolis For Sale | Buy Pure Raw Green Propolis

As one of the bee products, raw bee propolis has different models to be offered to the global market.

So that after processing this product, several new products can be produced based on the pure raw green propolis, such as propolis powder, propolis capsules, aqueous extract of propolis, etc.

But in this article, we are going to talk only about raw bee propolis and introduce it in full.

Propolis is the very well popular item in the worldwide various markets , as people demand for such items a lot. Further, bee propolis is used in the from of medicine as well.

If we look in the history, we will find out that propolis was greatly in use , as the great substance , which owns unbeatable value and prominence.

raw bee propolis for sale

Raw Bee Propolis Definition

As we all know, bees play a very important role in the world. Every insect that is created in this world has a special job that gives beauty to the world. Insects like bees are very famous all over the world.

These insects have been found to be very regular and a great way to make honey and help the world.

We all consider honey as the most famous bee product, but there are other products as well, such as raw organic propolis.

Among the products produced by bees, we can mention the propolis. The propolis is also known as bee glue because of its adhesion.

The stickiness of bee propolis makes the bee easily use this material to cover unwanted spaces inside the hive. In addition, propolis is a powerful natural anti-bacterial that moves all bacteria inside the hive.

Bees use propolis, in hives to protect colony. In addition, it is a very important element in maintaining the perfection of the hive.

What Is Raw Propolis Chunks

Generally, raw propolis chunks are glue like structure. It holds a very intense viscosity, which is produced by honeybees. This is actually a mixture of plant gum, beeswax, bee pollen,… which can be seen inside the hives of bees.

To mention here, Honeybees mostly use this mixture at the hives entrance, in order to make the space less, as no damage could occur to their hives. Further, beekeepers can use propolis traps to produce pure raw propolis chunks in a more professional way.

Raw Propolis Chunks

Raw propolis chunks get collected by beekeepers for human and industrial uses. For own different uses, you can ask us for wholesale raw propolis or its products such as propolis extract,… and buy raw propolis bulk with a reasonable price.

Raw organic propolis benefits

What are the benefits of bee propolis? Bee propolis has many health benefits for us. We can achieve amazing results with daily and regular consumption of this product. Here are some of these benefits in summary.

  • Daily consumption of propolis can reduce blood pressure.
  • If you regularly eat propolis, you can help cure cancer such as gastric cancer and prostate cancer.
  • The use of propolis on the wounds improves them faster.
  • If you have toothpastes, you can use propolis to kill your teeth germs.
  • ,… .

Buy Raw propolis

Raw organic propolis, like other bee products, is a high quality natural substance that cures pains.

The most important reason that pure raw propolis has high therapeutic properties is that the compounds of this substance are unique and all its compounds are essential for the body and gain energy.

The unique compounds in raw bee propolis make it useful for the treatment of many diseases and it can be used for treatment.

In particular, the antibacterial and antiviral substances contained in raw bee propolis meet the needs of the body, strengthen the immune system, treat infectious diseases, heal wounds and ultimately increase the body’s energy and health.

Raw propolis how to use | chewing raw propolis

organic raw bee propolis

after learning about the benefits of raw bee propolis, you may buy some of it and want to consume it for your personal uses and diseases.

But how to take raw propolis chunks? or raw propolis how to use? There are not different ways to use it and the best way is chewing raw propolis chunks.

But because propolis has a special taste, it may not be pleasant for everyone to chewing it. Therefore, our suggestion for those who are not comfortable with chewing raw propolis, is to use other models of this product such as propolis capsules and propolis powder.

Processing raw propolis | raw propolis extraction

One of the most important recent developments in the beekeeping industry and related products is the bee products processing industry.

raw propolis extraction

For example, in processing raw propolis, there are two models of raw propolis extraction :

  1. Propolis alcohol-free liquid extract
  2. Propolis water extract (propolis water soluble extract)

The purpose of extracting these products is to make them easier for humans to consume and to make them more effective. But the main question is how to process raw propolis ?

In the articles related to each of them, it is explained in detail that we invite you to read them.

Raw bee propolis for sale | wholesale raw propolis

The trade of propolis and it’s diverse types has increased in the last couple of years, which is directly linked with the increasing rate of demand. Further, bulk propolis for sale in the markets is present and one can easily buy it.

wholesale raw propolis

Propolis is very popular and used all over the world, so many industries buy raw propolis for different purposes. Therefore, supply and demand vary the raw propolis wholesale price from region to region.

One of the best ways to sell raw products like propolis is to put raw bee propolis for sale through online shopping. Online sales allow sellers to access many people around the world.

Wholesale raw propolis can be made through the Internet to all countries around the world.

Pure Raw Propolis Price | Cost Of Raw Propolis Bulk

Raw propolis price in the world market is determined by its quality and purity. Because the cost of raw propolis bulk is determined by the percentage of extract that can be taken from it.

Raw Propolis Price

Therefore, in buying and selling pure raw propolis, it is common to take a sample of it to analyze its quality before buying raw propolis bulk.

Just get in touch with us to get the price list of Roodin Group Co. products.

Where To Buy Raw Propolis | Does Raw Propolis Expire

If you are planning to buy raw propolis, you may be wondering where to buy raw propolis.

Just do a few online searches to find many bee propolis manufacturers around the world who export and sell raw propolis bulk.

Raw propolis price in stores varies based on quality and purity, and to answer the question of ‘does raw propolis expire’, we must say that if you pack the raw propolis well and keep it at the right temperature and conditions, It can be stored for a long time.

Raw Propolis Bulk

What Is Honey Propolis Good For

Now it’s time to figure out what is honey propolis good for.

In general, propolis can be useful for all diseases. The most important therapeutic property of propolis is that it can cure all diseases of infectious origin over time.

Other benefits of pure raw propolis include:

Propolis is effective in boosting the immune system, improving the function of the digestive system, preventing and helping to cure various cancers, and so on.

And if you still have a question about does raw honey contain propolis, the answer is yes.

Because raw honey that is not processed will contain small particles of propolis, pollen, wax, etc., and that is why the properties of raw honey are more than other types.

Raw Green Propolis

Raw Green Propolis | Best Green Propolis

What is green propolis? Raw green propolis is one of the best types of raw propolis in terms of purity and extraction rate.

The best green propolis is usually harvested by beekeepers who grow bees in forest areas. At Roodin Group, we also offer the best types of raw propolis bulk for sale.

Researchers have shown that the best green propolis has anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

None green propolis side effects have been reported for associated with using propolis so far, but if you are allergic to bees and bee products, avoid green propolis as it may cause allergic reactions, burning and sores in the mouth.