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Honey Bee Venom Price + Bee Venom Suppliers

honey bee venom

bee venom suppliers say, It takes a lot of effort and time to get one gram of bee venom. In addition, a large number of bees Should be sacrificed to produce this amount of honey bee venom.

The same factors show the worthiness of bee venom. The price of honey bee venom is also high on the basis of these factors.

First question: “what does honey bee venom do?”

What Is Honey Bee Venom

first, let’s watch the following clip about this subject:

Honey bee is calm and insensitive. This insect, if far from the hive, rarely rushes to sting. But to protect the hive, it will surely use its sting. Bee venom, due to its high potential, can be used in pharmacy.

That’s why some beekeepers have been collecting bee venom these days. Due to the low production of bee venom and its many benefits, this product is considered one of the most valuable products.

What Is Honey Bee Venom Used for

Bee venom has been used by some cultures to treat various diseases from ancient times. Today, with the advent of new diseases, scientists are looking for serious treatments for these diseases.

What Is Honey Bee Venom Used for

One of these treatments is bee venom. Scientists are currently investigating the effects of honey bee venom treatment for MS. Bee venom is also used in the makeup industry and also for the production skin care products.

In the past, they used direct-injection poison, but nowadays beekeepers extract bee venom using different methods.

Honey bee venom uses

Bee Venom Destroys HIV And Spares Surrounding Cells. Nanoparticles containing bee venom toxin melittin can destroy human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). While at the same time leaving surrounding cells unharm.

According to proponents of bee sting therapy, bee venom contains compounds with anti-inflammatory effects. By reducing inflammation, these compounds are there to promote healing and alleviate pain.

what does honey bee venom do

One of the bee-venom compounds there to possess anti-inflammatory properties is call melittin. Bee venom is given as a shot for rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain (neuralgia), multiple sclerosis (MS).

Also reducing the reaction to bee stings in people who areallergic (desensitization) to them (venom immunotherapy). Moreover, swollen tendons (tendonitis), and muscle conditions such as fibromyositis and enthesitis.

Honey bee venom ingredients

honey bee venom protein

honey bee venom, is a bitter colorless liquid containing proteins. The most prevalent ingredients in bee venom: mellitin, adolapin, and apamin. Which may produce local inflammation. It may have similarities to sea nettle toxin.

The bee venom ingredient in a cream, mask, or serum serves as a trigger for your skin to think it’s been stung. In turn, its natural response is to boost collagen production and blood circulation on the double, tightening and plumping to aid in anti-aging efforts.

honey bee venom ingredients

However,  research has proven that Purify Bee Venom is a potent combination of enzymes, peptides and amino acids that works on all levels of the skin.

Hence, to encourage naturally occurring cell regeneration, boost collagen formation, accelerate the recovery of damaged skin cells and act as a natural alternative to harsh .

Bee venom therapy facts

Bee venom therapy (BVT) is used since ancient Greece to help relieve pain from rheumatoid arthritis. This is due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. Research has found that BVT can lead to a decrease in swelling, pain, and stiffness in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

The exact way in which bee venom works is not fully understand and its benefits have not been scientifically proven. But it is use to treat arthritis, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure. If patients cannot face being stung by live bees, they can  inject with the venom.

Bee therapy is the medicinal use of products made by honeybees, such as honey, pollen and venom.

honey bee venom protein

The therapy uses the venom from bees to treat ailments that don’t respond to traditional Western medicine. Bee venom is usually inject using a syringe.  Although in some cases a bee sting is used to inject the patient directly with the venom.

Infact,  base on one study, it is conceivable that there is  allergens in honey that cross-react with bee venom. All possess anti-inflammatory properties and can help to reduce inflammation in the body. Benefits can also be derive from the body’s own immune reaction to the venom.

Honey bee venom production

bee venom manufacturer & producers

Considering the many studies that have been done on the bee venom, the benefits of this substance for humans body are largely determined.

One of the most uses of bee venom is to produce all kinds of medicines for the human body. For this reason, bee venom manufacturers have now increased their products for medical use.

Honey bee venom production

Bee venom producers are beekeepers in every country that could supply honey bee products. for example in middle east, Iran and Turkey have the most number of bee hives and its products in the world.

Bee Venom Priceline

bee venom price per kg

Bee venom is one of the most valuable bee products. This product has a lot of medical uses. In addition to get a small amount of  honey bee venom, the population of twenty bees should be eliminated. These factors make the price of honey bee venom high.

Iran is one of the largest manufacturers of bee venom in the world. Due to the high number of hives in this country, production of bee venom in Iran is not far off. Iranian beekeepers sell the product both in pure and powdered form.

Honey Bee Venom Business Cost

Bee Venom Priceline

bee venom export rate

There are many things that beekeepers should cost to get that product. The electrical device is one of those costs. But the main cost are honey bees that should be used for producing honey bee venom.

Honey bees should feed with pollen and other supplements before they receive a mild electrical shock  . These factors raise the honey bee venom price.

The rate of bee venom varies from country to country. The higher the quality of the venom taken, the higher the price. Iran like India, is one of the bee venom manufacturers. If the quality of the venom produced in Iran is high, it can even be sold at a price equal to seven times the price of gold.

Bee venom export is done with Roodin Group Company in Middle East.

Bee Venom for Sale

Given the high value of bee venom in the world, many beekeepers are trying to produce this product for sale. Beekeepers use special traps to produce bee venom. These traps use electric force to make honey bees to sting and release their venom.

bee venom export

Selling Honey Bee Venom

Given the high value of bee venom, beekeepers don’t force any problem to sell this product. Buyers of bee venom know what a worthwhile product they are buying. Usually suppliers of bee venom are selling this product to research and pharmaceutical centers.

Factory supply 100% natural bee venom price is good for traders.

Honey bee venom collector

honey bee venom extraction & extractor

bee venom collector is a special electrify device that causes bees to sting a synthetic membrane. However,  release their venom can harvest about one gram of bee venom from 20 bee hives. Probably,  one gram of bee venom is worth a whopping 350 dollars.

A collector frame is place at the entrance of the hive. So when bees come in contact with this frame they receive a mild electric shock. Hence, they react by stinging and the venom is collect on a glass sheet, dried, then it can be collected.

Honey bee venom collector

Honey bee venom buyers

Honey Bee Venom powder Market

There are many different types of bee venom in the market. One form of supply of honey bee venom is in powder shape. Honey bee venom powder is more commonly used by bee venom suppliers for ease of transport and shelf life.

Buyers of Bee Venom For information on the market for this product, please contact us via email.


Biggest Honey Producer Company of the World + Honey Producer Countries

honey producer

Do you know honey producer countries and biggest honey producer company of the world?

China is the largest honey producer in the world and exporting the largest amount of honey to other countries.

After China, Turkey, USA, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, India, Mexico, Brasil, Canada, Malaysia, Germany, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Spain and Michigan are also known as the most biggest honey producer countries in the world.

honey producer countries

And Roodin Group Co. ,Ltd is one of the biggest honey producer company in Iran that supply and distribute bee products & … to the world.

Please watch the following short clip about honey production line in Roodin Food Industries.

Natural Honey Producer And Distributor

Natural honey Producer and distributor are supplying worldwide at best price. Honey is one of the most nutritious foods in the world. Only those countries which have proper vegetation can produce honey.

For this reason, honey production is high in some countries and in others it is low. Some countries need to buy this product from honey producing countries to supply their honey. you can get latest price list of them.

There are a lot of honey suppliers who have very good products. Honey quality is very important for the buyer. For this reason, among the wholesale honey suppliers, only those who have a high quality product are successful.

Bulk honey producers are the countries that there is a possibility of honey production in all of their areas. These countries, in addition to providing their own domestic needs, are able to export large quantities of honey in bulk.

Countries like India and Iran are among these countries. Honey production fields are seen in all cities of these countries.

Natural Honey Producer

Honey Producer Countries

Among biggest honey producing countries in the world, china is a country that has a large share of honey exports in the world. This country  has been able to export its product to many countries.

Some of countries that import Chinese honey are Middle East countries as well as European countries. China is now the largest honey producer company and also the largest honey exporter in the world.

After China, countries such as New Zealand, India, Michigan and … can be considered as honey producer countries.

These countries produce a lot of honey every year. These countries, in addition to providing the honey to supply domestic needs also produce a large amount of honey used by other inhabitants of the planet. Usually honey is produced in all regions of these countries.

largest honey producer company

Honey And Beekeepers

The beekeeper must have a lot of experience in producing honey. As we know, honey bees do all the work in the hive and. They make honey, care for the queen, and do all the honey work.

But the beekeeper plays the main role in the farm. If the beekeeper does not take care of the farm, various diseases may destroy the hives.

Honey is use by countless cultures all around the world over the past 2,500 years.

While the numerous health benefits of honey have made it an important element of traditional medicines such as Ayurvedic treatments, scientists are also researching its benefits in relation to modern medicine, particularly in the healing of wounds.

honey and beekeepers

What Is Honey Good For

It is call as Honig in German, Miele in Italian, Shahad in Hindi, Miel in French and Spanish. Moreover, Mel in Portuguese, мед in Russian, Honing in Dutch, and μελι in Greek.

However, there is almost no part in the world. Where honey is not widely use and celebrate as a part of the cultural diet. Honey Market Price sells natural honey at very good price.

What makes honey so popular?

Most likely, it is the ease with which it can be consumed. One can eat it directly, put it on bread like a jam, mix it with juice or any drink instead of sugar, or mix it with warm water, lime juice, cinnamon, and other herbs to make a medicine.

honey is good for

Hence,it is savored by all due to its taste as well as health benefits, making it extremely useful and versatile.

Honey benefits

Honey helps in digesting the fat store in your body. Similarly, honey with lemon juice or cinnamon helps in reducing weight.

It can be use as a substitute for sugar in many foods and drinks. As it contains about 69% glucose and fructose, enabling it to be use as a sweetener.

Hence, which is far better for your overall health than normal white sugar. The National Honey Board refers to honey as a pantry staple. Though it has more calories than sugar when consume with warm water.

Honey benefits

Honey Helps Cough

Honey can be a preferable treatment for a cough and sleep difficulty associated with childhood upper respiratory tract infections (URIs).

The effect of honey on nocturnal cough and sleep quality.

Therefore, it is use by many people as a source of energy. On the other hand, one tablespoon of sugar will give you about 15 calories. Furthermore, the carbohydrates in it can be easily convert into glucose, Since it is very simple for the body to digest this pure and natural substance.

Honey Helps Cough

Honey Producer Near Me

If you are going to buy honey, the best thing to do is to use honey that comes near you and producer in your own country.

Honey produced in your country will be more beneficial for your body and health. Because it is the production of the vegetation area near you.

That’s because these bees produce honey from plants and pollen, which are around you and in the air that you breath everyday.

But if your country is not one of the honey producer countries, then you have to buy honey that import from other countries. In this case you can choose regional honey that is in the same climate conditions as your area.

Of course, this is only an advise and you can choose just with your own taste. So please contact us for more information.

Honey Producer Near Me

Raw Unfiltered Honey | Latest Price List 2019

Honey maintenance has many points to keep in mind. We try to address the five important honey preservation points that everyone should understand.

While one of the most important facts about keeping honey is that honey is not rotting even without any preservatives and additives; fluid honey is susceptible to physical and chemical changes over time, and when not well maintained, the color of the honey may become darker.

And lose some of its flavor. For this reason and for commercial purposes, a shelf life (expiration date) is inserted on honey glasses in honey stores.

Over time, liquid honey may naturally crystallize, a process in which honey becomes thicker and lumps and finely ground. The crystallization rate is different for different types of honey.

For example, honey and toothpaste Acacia honey tend to remain fluid and able to resist better than other types of honey, while dandelion flower honey and lavender flowers quickly crystallize.


Raw Honey Recipe

In general, the honey is smelled for the following reasons:

Temperature: At temperatures below 14 ° C, honey begins to smoke. At this temperature, honey loses its adhesion, and its foreign material begins to precipitate and forms crystalline nucleus, due to the fact that honey is charcoal in the winter.

Diastase enzyme (amylase): Honey dinosaur absorbs fine particles, causing it to precipitate and become cloudy so that the particles in the honey crystallize and cause it to smoke.

Humidity: Honey in the form of crystals is actually a glucose hydrate and its amount depends on the amount of honey. For example, Mazandaran honey is smeared after about 60 days because of high humidity.

raw honey

raw honey

difference between raw unfiltered honey and filtered honey

raw unfiltered honey price

When you make the honey from the sugar syrup, you only feel the sweetness of the sweets, but when you make a natural honey, you will find it along with the other yeasts, except the sweet taste of the delicious taste of honey, depending on the type of herb.

If the lid of a honey container is closed for a while and then open it, you will probably smell the smell of natural honey.

If the honey is poured into a glass of water If it is dissolved in water, it does not have a definite form at the bottom of the glass. This honey has a high moisture content, but the more desirable honey is first dissolved without being dissolved vertically inside the glass and is placed on the same bottom of the glass The shape is accumulated.

Raw Unfiltered Honey

Raw Unfiltered Honey

Raw Honey Benefites

History of the use of natural honey is associated with the history of creation, and in almost every culture, evidence can be found of its use as a food source and as a symbol of religion, music, and the treatment of disease.

Over the course of several thousand years, until the early 18th century, honey was the main source of sugar, but in the last few centuries, with the growth of sugar cane and beet sugar industry, the use of natural honey as the main supplier of sugar declined significantly.

Natural honey production has also been widespread during the Achaemenid period, but Iran is also influenced by other countries over the past few centuries to supply sugar from cane and beet sugar.


Raw Honey to Buy

The crystallization process can be easily reversed, and this reversal does not affect the taste and quality of honey in any way, although it changes the appearance of honey in an unpleasant way.

So do not dispose of the grated honey because its quality has not been lost. Crystalline honey can easily be restored to its natural state, for example, it can be poured onto the toast, so that the honey is crystallized and melted and eaten.

Also, the glass of this type of honey can be placed in warm water (about 40 ° C) and as soon as the finely ground sugars are dissolved, it is removed from the hot water and placed in place to cool as quickly as possible.

Remember to avoid adding boiling water to honey, because the honey that is processed or heated will remain fluid for several months. For this reason, some commercial honey producers pasteurize it, which causes the honey to heat rapidly and then quickly cool down to slow down the process of crystallization so that honey takes a longer time into store shelves It will remain liquid (and will have a good appearance).

raw honey

raw honey

10 best raw unfiltered honey suppliers

raw honey benefits

Honey color is classified into 7 floors:

1- Clear like water

2- Too bright

3- Bright

4. Very bright amber

5. Amber light

6. Amber

7. Dark amber

There are specific methods to measure honey color. Honey color is not a standard of honey quality, but it is an important factor for consumer tastes.

If the temperature and time of the color does not change the color of the honey, it is possible to identify the color of the honey from the flower source of the bee nutrition. After the crystallization, the color of the honey becomes brighter.

Honey is used as a coloring agent in the food industry. The honey is very strong in the Mailard reactionin reaction.

honey suppliers

honey suppliers

Whats the difference between raw and unfiltered honey?

Optimum maintenance temperature

Often, among the honey keeping notes, honey can be kept at room temperature and should not be kept in very cold or very hot places. The problem is that this may be confusing because the room temperature varies from country to country.

For example, room temperature in a cold area may be kept at about 35 ° C, so in these areas, honey should not be stored at cold temperatures, as this will make honey harder and remove and mix it with It makes it harder for other food and beverages and also increases the speed of sugar honey.

Avoid moisture absorption by honey

The honey should be kept in a cool and dry place, and it must be ensured that the lid of the container is completely sealed, because the honey tends to absorb moisture from its surroundings, which may result in fermentation and degradation of its quality.

Always remove honey from the glass using a teaspoon, because any moisture and water should be introduced into the honey glass.

raw honey

raw honey

benefits and dangers of raw unfiltered honey

Glucose: The more glucose the honey is, the faster it is sugar. Glucose concentrates 30-70% and fructose 78-90%, but also depends on the amount of heat.

Acacia honey, which has low glucose (35% glucose and 35-40% fructose), does not smoke even after four years, but lime-tree honey (rapeseed) and rapeseed, which have a high glucose content after a week of sugar, as well as sunflower honey Glucose has a lot of sugar after three weeks to a month.

Citrus honey, which has high glucose and fructose, begins to sugar after three months, but honey produced from pure glucose never smudges.

• Substances and extraneous matter: Substances such as wax particles, pollen, dust, etc. act as honey crystallization nuclei and accelerate sugar production. Usually, to avoid sugar, honey is smooth and the waste material is extracted.

It should be noted that it does not heat up before it is flattened because the particles inside it are melting and melting with honey, which is applied to the flavor and compounds Honey affects negatively.

Usually, old and black honey is sugar-rich sooner than fresh honey because it contains more substances and substances.

According to researchers, Thicken honey has more minerals than light honey, but it should be noted that this darkness is not affected by extreme heat and light.


raw honey

raw honey

How long does raw unfiltered honey last?

Keep the honey away from direct heat (close to the cooker or kitchen appliances) or direct sunlight (near the windows) because overheating can affect the properties of honey over time, which is why some honey Inside dark containers are sold. However, these dark containers do not allow the consumer to judge the color, viscosity and honey crystallization.

While honey packaging in glass is preferred by some individuals, so that the glass is relatively neutral and does not react to food and does not lead to any chemical changes, storage of honey in plastic containers for food should also not cause any concern. About the safety or health of honey.


unfiltered honey

unfiltered honey

Raw Unfiltered Honey Price For Export

When should you keep honey in the refrigerator?

In general, keeping honey is not recommended at all in the refrigerator. For honey that has a high moisture content naturally, without proper storage and over time, yeast may be replicated and fermented.

While fermentation does not necessarily have any health risks, some honey business growers pasteurize their produce to eliminate any yeast cells inside it.

For honey that is very fluid and requires long-term maintenance, keeping it in the refrigerator is advised to prevent possible fermentation and flavor changes.



Raw honey Marketing

Which honey is most recommended for honey?

Honey is sweeter because of its fast absorption of sugar, if it is consumed in the morning, and sweets are stimulating the secretion of the beta-endorphin hormone, but it should not be forgotten that the joy and tranquility of honey is not inconsistent, and if you take honey during sleep, it can be soothing and Sleepy Honey consumption is better in the morning and is good with milk or in tea or with a little cream or butter, if you do not have overweight.

Honey is not allowed for children under one year.

The reason is the probable bacterial clostridium botulinum that can be atal.Eating as much honey (a spoonful of jams) is not a problem if you do not have diabetes.

Quart Of Honey Price | Buy & Sell with Affordable Price

Best honey in the best city with the prices. We will talking about quart of honey price how make a honey and how you can makeing money og bring up honey for your self you will know about the prices of the honey in every city and country which counrty and city have better an best honey in the world and some tips that you can know how to buy the best and high quality honey in some hiper market so you can buy the best honey with a cheap prices in the weekend you can understand all of this information in this text and upgard your information 

Quart Of Honey Price | Buy & Sell with Affordable Price

How much does a quart of honey cost?

How much does a quart of honey cost?Every quart of honey has a different size with a different form an in every country we have different prices so if we want to buy a quart of honey it depends on the city and siz and the quality of the honey so it means that however the honey has high quality is more expensive than the others but if its have cheap quality it will be cheaper but we should know that some of the hiper markets have some off at the weekend and you can find the the raw honey prices 2018 or some best honey with high quality with cheap price

Can you make money selling honey?

Can you make money selling honey?Honey is a good thing for selling and making money beacuse honey use in every country city and every where beacuse every one love honey people can use it for breakfast dessert for skill for health. So if you have garden and take some bee brin up then take them some flowers and give them a time to making a best honey for you making apariy need 3 month time after that you can pike the honey up put it in the bottle and sell it to who ever you want the shop people you friend your family and you can making money for your self with organic honey price and have honey by the pound more than one. 

Which Country Is Better For Exporting Honey?

Which Country Is Better For Exporting Honey?When you say the best or better honey we can talk about iran in the world any one whi has a exparience of taking honey in any city offers but in this article we are going to examine the best honey in iran. Some people think of honey as their best honey berez resident of honey city consider themselves the best iranain honey and if they go to lorestan they also consider honey as the best honey in iran or if you travel to the ardebil or talk to an ardabil and ask your opinine about the best honey in iran be sure to advise you to use ardabil honey. 

3 Tips To Find The Best Honey

3 Tips To Find The Best HoneyOne) when you put the spoon and put out up honey most stretch a lot this is the best honey..

Two) the color of honey is so important too. When the color is darker that mean the honey is high grade but if the color is lighter that mean the honey its not very good and its better to dont buy that one. 

Three) the flower that they get honey of that its important too beacuse every flower have and get a different honey to the mans and when you buy the honey you can see the glass of honey and see is from which flower. 

Four) honey is actually a soild substance due to its high percentags of sugar which is liquid under the very fragile conditions as soon as the proper conditions of provided. The clay and the suger can be honey it should be noted that in most foregin countris people are more intrested in honey beacuse they know that this tape of honey is quite natrual. 

Natural Propolis | Best 3 Sellers in the World

have you ever wondered what propolis is? it is a Greek word that refers to police of the body. the natural propolis is collected by worker-bees, is gathered tree resin and honey bees produce it by adding beeswax and saliva to it, with exuding from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. it is also called “bee glue” which is a natural resin substance present in bee hives.
the propolis has a sweet scent and it’s color is varies from green to dark brown. it’s color depends on the botanical source.
propolis contains about 50% resin, 30% wax, 10% essential fatty acids, 5% pollen and 5% other organic compounds o vitamins and minerals. bees use propolin as a sealant for building their hive and blocking it’s open spaces. it is often used for small gaps while larger spaces are usually filled with beeswax.
the propolis is tender and fragile in cold weather and becomes soft and viscous in warm weather. actually the melting point of the propolis is 83 degrees celsius while it is 63 degrees in beeswax.
we can find propolis in every country, but there are some, which are the best. Brazil, Iran, china are the best three sellers in the world.

Natural Propolis | Best 3 Sellers in the World

Who Sells Natural Propolis?

Who Sells Natural Propolis?beekeepers are the main sellers of natural propolis. after that, sales representatives sell it as wholesale. also we can buy it from online markets in every country all over the world, and that would be affordable shopping.

Who Buys Natural Propolis?

Who Buys Natural Propolis?because of it’ medicinal and therapeutic properties, people with cancer can also be a consumer and buyer of natural propolis. the herbal source of it, has attracted researchers attention, so research centers and research institutes are the other customers and use it’s chemical compositions in several ways.

Why High Quality Natural Propolis Are Not Expensive?

Why High Quality Natural Propolis Are Not Expensive?the price of propolis is related to it’s purity, for example the price of mountain propolis is much more than it’s ordinary one,and the more brighter the propolis is, the more it costs.
the price of raw propolis is very low and using of this substance in raw form is not recommended at all. if you buy it directly from a beekeeper it will be affordable, the less intermediate, the price will be cheaper.
Iran’s natural proporlis is ranked high in quality and is after Brazilian proporlis in the world. in Iran, about five tons is produced annually by beekeepers, but unfortunately most people are unaware of it’s unique properties and large amount of it in raw form is exported to Turkey and Europe at much lower price than it’s real price, for expensive cosmetics manufacturing.

Why Is Business Natural Propolis Important?

Why Is Business Natural Propolis Important?propolis has many unique advantages that makes it useful in many fields, such as: medicine, food industry, cosmetic industry and traditional performance,… , so this business is important . let’s see what is propolis use in medicine. it has anti-viral effects. it can show antiviral activity by blocking the virus’s entry into the cells, which eliminates the replication cycle of virus. in medicine, propolis is widely used to treat cancer. 

  • keeping cancerous cells from multiplying
  • reducing the likelihood cells will become cancerous
  • blocking pathways that keep cancer cell from signaling to each other

the other uses:

  • blood pressure reduction
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • strong antioxidant effect
  • reinforcement immune system
  • anti-hepatotoxic

here are some advantages of propolis for skin:

  • propolis treats skin damages
  • helps in the process of treating skin surgeries
  • protects skin from injuries
  • heals the burn
  • prevents skin and eye diseases

the natural propolis has been shaped into tablets, creams, toothpaste, spray, gels, cough syrups. for example, forever bee propolis is a great cream that reduces wrinkles, scars,… .
but we have to be careful that where do we buy them from, is it a valid market or not. in addition, propolis has side effects, such as: allergic reactions, often for those who are allergic to bees or bee products, and irritation and mouth ulcers , so it’s better to be aware of your body conditions. 

Local Honey | How To Export Honey?

Natural honey is a sweet and wholly concentrated substance that is prepared and deformed by honey bees from plant nectar, and then stored in the honeycomb walnut cells. Honey has always been one of the most popular culinary cuisine, and at the same time has been a relief medicine for many diseases. All over the globe, our ancestors were well aware of the benefits of honey. The first known uses of honey in medicinal treatments dates back to about 4,000 years ago on stone slabs from the Sumerian tribes. Honey accounted for about 30% of Sumerian medicinal treatments. In India, honey is one of the most important elements of traditional Hindu medicine. Local honey in each part have some special and unique properties. 

Local Honey | How To Export Honey?

What is local honey?

What is local honey?Today, honey is the focus of many scientific research in medical societies to test our ancestors’ perceptions about the many uses of honey. Honey has different effects on the body, depending on your type of use. If you mix and drink honey with lukewarm water, it has a very beneficial effect on the number of red blood cells in the blood. What is local honey? As you know each part of the world have some special and unique vegetation. The honey is producing from the nectars of the trees and flowers. So, due to the high variety in vegetation of each part of the world, the honey that is produced in special area has special taste, color and benefits. Local honey prices are different and depend on some different factors in that area. 

where to buy bee local honey?

where to buy bee local honey?There is very little information about honey color combinations. Honey color, like all other honey characteristics, is completely different and does not have a stable color at all. The honey color spectrum is in this form, which is almost colorless or varies between yellow pepper and dark brown. Honey color is not a qualitative factor for honey detection, but some countries classify honey as quality. All around the world in all the supermarkets you can find honey but finding organic and natural raw honey is different. It is better to buy local honey from its beekeepers. Find some reliable beekeepers and buy it from them. 

Why is it good to eat local honey?

Why is it good to eat local honey?Honey has a variety of positive effects on the body, depending on the type of honey and how you use it. We mention some local honey benefits here for you. Red blood cells are responsible for the transfer of oxygen in the blood to various parts of the body. Lavender-watered honey increases the amount of blood hemoglobin, hemoglobin that prevents anemia. Honey, by building up the ability to transmit oxygen to the blood, disrupts problems such as anemia due to iron deficiency. Sufficient oxygen in the blood is important because it determines the level of the body’s health. Initial research in this area indicates the positive effects of honey on high blood pressure or high blood pressure. In general, traditional medicine used honey to reduce the negative effects of low blood pressure or low blood pressure. There is a lot of talk about the negative effects of white sugar on the body. Honey is an excellent alternative to sugar, which is both sweet and healthy. Honey has too many benefits and its using in daily meals is so good. 

How much does local honey cost?

How much does local honey cost?Local honey east, In east of the Asia and world you can find different honey producers. The prices of the local honey is diverse in different parts of the world and depends on so many factors such as, The demand of the honey in market, Its amount of supply, its quality and so on. The prices of local honey is changing regularly and for knowing it you should talk with sellers and suppliers. 


Honey Per Pound | Wholesale honey buyers

Do you know how much costs to buy the honey per pound? What’s the honey anyway?

Honey is a natural product of the bees. Honey is sweet stuff made by the transpiration of the flowers and other plants. These insects change the matter of the flower pollen into a heavy and beneficial material. The bees make the honey into something called beehive. The material of the organic honey is beeswax. This material has health benefits that are used for many kinds of diseases. 

Honey is famous in the whole world. The first rank of honey production belongs to China. This country produces more than six hundred tons of honey every year. The lowest amount of producing that material is for India.    

Honey Per Pound | Wholesale honey buyers

How much is honey per pound?

How much is honey per pound?The production of honey is widely spread into Iran. Our country is the third producer of honey in the world. There’re many apiculture centers are producing more than five and 6 hundreds tons of this stuff every year. That’s a reason for accomplishing the commercial usages. 

There’re some types of honey into the markets:

  • Waxed honey
  • Honey without wax

The wax is the sign of organic honey. This kind of honey is more valuable than the simple ones and because of that, this honey costs more. 

As you know, organic foodstuff always cost more than customs. Therefore, the price of an organic honey per pound in more than the ordinary one, Also, the price of honey per gallon is tenfold. If you want to buy the honey, it’s better to go to the valid stores which sell organic honey. Moreover, you even can buy the board for this product. The national honey board prices extra. The weight of these boards is almost between 5 or 10 kilograms.  

How profitable is honey selling?

How profitable is honey selling?Honey is a global product, it means that this material has thousands of lovers in the whole world. So, if you’re everywhere, you can make profits by selling honey products due to presenting good qualities. There’re many people started the apiculture and earned double of his/her fund after just one year. Moreover, this product can use for many medical and health usages. A teaspoon of honey included:

  • Water
  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Natural sugar
  • Carbohydrates
  • Iron
  • Vitamins
  • Calcium

and dozens of other mineral materials. The honey recharges your energy during the day for hours. The medical scientists are studying the honey benefits for years. They recommend using that in the breakfast meal every day. 

By telling all of these points, it’s reasonable that apiculture centers earn too much money for the related workers. But of course, this business requires enough experience. Beside it, there are some health benefits that honey brings:

  • Decreasing the cough and curing the cold
  • Improving the memory
  • Curing digestive diseases such as gastric reflux
  • Curing the acne and pimple 

honey wholesale prices 2019

honey wholesale prices 2019When you go to market and shopping centers, you face many honey products with different brands and packages. These range of products also present at different prices according to how much this honey is organic or Does it have waxes or not! Be careful about market products because some of the quality of honey productions are not equal and some of them may be fake. These products only produce by sugar which is not advised. So, choose the valid centers and brands to buy a jar of honey.

Honey wholesale prices of 2019 have changed due to the high costs of bringing up these products by apiarists. You’re able to buy the brand honey from wholesalers of your city. These centers sell the honey in bulk volume by lower prices that are discounted for you. 

how much does a quart of honey cost?

how much does a quart of honey cost?The weight of honey packages which are selling all around the markets is different. Due to each quart (equivalent to 1 or 1.50 liters), you have to pay off a considerable price. If the honey is included waxes the price surely increases. The weight of these products is divided into 100 g, 300 g, 500 g, 900 g, 1 kg and …

There’re many online websites and shopping stores that present hundreds of honey with different brands. These websites prepare all of the detail of the product such as manufacturer, price, the quality and the weight. You can order the best one of them easily. The other advantage of this way is that the purchased commodity delivers you as soon as possible.  

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Cost Of Honey Per Pound | Major Honey wholesale & Price Details

Cost Of Honey Per Pound

Honey source

In the human body, there are members whose multiple cavities are visible. These cavities, sometimes referred to as ventricles, belong to the brain centers, called ventricles, as well as ventricles or heart or gastrointestinal ventricles.

The bee strain is considered to be one of the honey ventricles and is part of the digestive tract because it is due to the presence of a substance called “anortin”

Hazelnut acid sucrose is altered, that is, it undergoes a special stage of digestion, and as a result, sucrose becomes part of glucose and lolz, which is 70 to 75 percent of the sweetness and concentration of honey associated with it, and more or less it is on the grain. Cranial) and tightening honey has a general interferenc

Cost Of Honey Per Pound | Major Honey wholesale & Price Details

5 Surprising health benefits of honey

5 Surprising health benefits of honeyhoney price per liter

Selecting and keeping honey

In the selection and storage of honey, it can be packed in bulk or in bulk. These days, most honey is pasteurized, but validated places and (authentic places) can also be found in its raw materials. Raw honey, pasteurized and not refined. It has the highest properties and is one of the best choices. Look for honey types that are labeled “100% natural.” Natural honey is usually semi-transparent. Creamy honey is a non-transparent color and is made up of liquid honey by adding honey crystals. Special quality honey is extracted from nectar of various flowers such as hyacinths, eucalyptus, etc.

Honey comes in a range of different colors, including white, amber, red, brown, and almost black.

benefits of buying honey in bulk

benefits of buying honey in bulk honey suppliers

The taste of the nectar depends on the flowers that the honey comes from. Most bees make honey from necklaces such as clover, alfalfa, cholon, and acacia. But it can be said that honey from different flowers such as hyacinths and ointments can also be taken and available in many ways. Keep in mind that the honey is taller, the taste is sharp and sharper. You should keep the honey in a container and prevent the air from entering into it. If you keep honey in a cool and dry place, you can use it for an unlimited time. This is due to the presence of high levels of carbon hydrates and high acid PH, which prevents the growth of any garnish microarray. If you keep the honey in a cool place, it will be thick and tight and if you keep it in a warm place, it will darken and lose its original taste.

10 major wholesalers of honey

10 major wholesalers of honey  honey wholesale price

Single flower honey (Uniform)

It is possible to educate the bees so that they collect only a specific herb (for example, acacia or ointment). The formula provided by this method is identified by the name of the same flower.

In this method, using the special methods of bees, they recognize the aroma of this plant and, through several flowers that simultaneously flower, they know the flower and collect only honey.

Sugar Honey

The origin of sugar syrup or a mixture of honey and sugar means sugar is available to the bee instead of mint beads, which may even be put on the market. The honey that comes in this way naturally does not smell of flowers and does not taste sugar. Its specific weight is less than honey. It has a higher percentage of sucrose than honey and is also not caught. According to some honey-producing experts, if this type of honey is sugar-saturated due to the saturation of sugar, its crystals appear to be thicker.

Cost Of Honey Per Pound

Cost Of Honey Per Poundbulk honey

It should be noted that by relying on the appearance of less honey, it is possible to make a statement about its purity and quality, since only the laboratory method is a suitable method for determining the purity of honey.

This garnish is a great and wonderful product of the miracle of bee honey and is a good alternative to white sugar. Although it is available throughout the year, it should be noted that it is in operation in the spring and autumn

And this time it is the newest one.

The amazing process of preparing honey starts from the rotation of the bees around the flowers. Meanwhile, they collect flowers in their mouths. Nectar of flowers with special enzymes in the bees mouth saliva. The compound is converted to honey by a chemical process. Bees take honey into the hive and store them in the holes and walls of each grid of the hive. Vibrations caused by their fluttering effect the ventilation work and cause excessive moisture to be lost and ready to use. In addition, honey is a nutritious and natural sweetener. Research has shown that unique honey combinations make it an effective antioxidant antioxidant.

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Bulk Honey | Top 10 Honey Wholesalers & Producers

Bulk Honey

Honey is classified in different ways and is named according to the three types of honey that are exceptional:

Poisonous honey

Honey from some plants has been proven to be poisonous to humans, causing poisoning and complications such as vomiting, headaches and imbalances because it contains a type of poisoning glucose. This type of honey is not toxic to the bee itself and it’s easy for the bees to eat it. In areas where poisonous plants and bees collect honey, beekeepers can use these areas to produce wax and baby hive. There are plants that pollen and pollen produced by them for poisonous bees and poisonous honey is also toxic to humans.

Various studies have shown that honey derived from nectar of pseudophyllous plants such as bacon, thistle, honeydew, chives, elm, etc. are never toxic to humans.

A plant that poisons honey from that human being is a seedlings called Chama edaphne cahyeulata moench
This kind of honey, although harmful to humans, causes it to cause complications such as vomiting, dizziness, and severe stomach pain, but not the slightest effect on the bee itself, as it can be when it comes to winter wear.

The honey that burns it produces sneezing, or drinking sugar and drunk, and burning the throat. This kind of honey is poisonous and is not suitable for nutrition.Bulk Honey | Top 10 Honey Wholesalers & Producers

how to determine quality of honey ?

how to determine quality of honey ?

The palm honey, which was followed in this research, is a palm extract, which is leached and liquid-solid separation by colorless and odorless filtering and, to some extent, tasteful, and then under certain conditions The temperature and pressure, so that it does not reappear inappropriately, is so concentrated that the water contained therein is lower than the minimum required for the growth of the bacteria. This honey, which has very close physical and chemical properties with honey, can be recyclable from any date and grade. Experts say that every 1 kg of grades 3 and 4, or the wastes of packing plants, average 300 Honey is cooked, which can increase up to 450 grams under certain conditions.wholesale honey

2. Artificial honey

It refers to honey-like substances and compounds that are produced without the intervention of the bee. And usually they use sugar cane and milk fruits such as melons, watermelons, lazy pumpkins and dates to make such honey. However, they are used as honey, but they are not honey, but the condensation of fruit juices Artificial and industrial. Palm honey was produced for the first time in our country in the 70th year from the limescale grades 3 and 4 and it was released to the people. This honey is a condensed extract of the day, which is processed through a physical process in terms of color and flavor, and all of its unknown cases are known in the laboratory and to the extent possible to the physical and chemical conditions of the honey from the bee Honey.

different colors and flavors of honey

different colors and flavors of honey honey wholesale price

Radioactive honey

In some types of honey, there is a very small amount of radium, which is proved by covering honey glasses with sensitive films and covering them with black paper and viewing images of radiation from radium in sensitive paper. This property is related to the soil and land that honey plants have grown there.

natural honey

According to the definitions in the advanced countries, honey is called nectar of flowers, which has been made by honey bee after feeding from different plants. Now, if you use sugar or white sugar instead of nectar in flowers, then the product can not be called honey. Honey beekeepers have intrinsic strengths that recognize useful flowers from unnecessary ones. They are fond of treating all medicinal herbs and healing flowers, and they get the perfect extract of these beautiful and useful flowers and give them the best. . This honey is quite natural and rich in food and life, and can meet all the nutritional needs, because it contains all the elements and minerals and vitamins that the flower provides, and the bees are absorbed and absorbed. It makes blood. On the other hand, the quality of honey is 10 times higher than the artificial honey obtained from giving water and sugar to the bees. Artificial honey is only suitable for feeding bees and it is not very important to humans

10 best honey wholesalers 2019

10 best honey wholesalers 2019 honey manufacturers

Honey is classified from a variety of perspectives by virtue of their properties or state of the art as follows:

– according to the source of flower nectar (plant type)

A. Monoflor honeys gathered by honey beekeepers from a specific flower such as clover honey, acacia, sunflower, pure honey, with great difficulty.

B – Polyflor honey, which is collected from several flowers such as mountain honey, fruit honey such as citrus honey and various fruitful and non-productive trees.

2 – Fits the production time

A: Spring honey: like citrus honey and acacia and fruit trees that beekeepers collect in the early spring.

B: Autumn Honey: It produces from mid-summer to early fall.

3 – Fits the production area: Damavand honey and Koohrang honey

4- Fits honey color: colorless honey such as acacia honey, yellow honey such as honey sauce, red honey like thyme honey.

5 – In terms of production and extraction: such as liquid honey (nectar), crystallized honey, their honey, a mixture of liquid honey with their honey and wax honey, special for native hives, and chopped in containers Sell ​​for sale.

wholesale price of honey per liter

wholesale price of honey per liter honey benefits

Doubtless at first, honey has caused human attention to bee honey. The earliest historical work that has been interpreted by humans of honey is seventeen thousand BC, which has been observed in Spain.

The work consists of a carved human face on a rock that uses a scapular to reach the local colony and has a container for putting honey with hips. While working honey beekeepers have come to fly around him. A painting that has been from the time after the above is from Africa and shows that the person is doing the same thing, except that he uses smoke to stop the beekeepers.

Archaeologists say that the primitive tribes were familiar with the collection of honey. Some used honey from scavenging honey, and others have been endangering their lives for having honey from nests in rocky and rocky rocks and in deep valleys.