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Global sales for honey 2020

As you can see the chart above, Global sales for natural honey exports by country totaled $2.3 billion in 2020. The 5 biggest exporters of natural honey in year 2020 are New Zealand, China, Argentina, Germany and Ukraine. Combined, those natural honey suppliers generated 45.3% of worldwide sales in 2020 and this is huge. Among […]

Several benefits of Honey

Honey can be more effective than conventional medicines for improving symptoms, Let’s look at the several benefits of this super-ingredient. With honey in plentiful supply in iran thanks to our abundance of heather and flowering plants, it’s long been used as a home remedy for soothing sore throats and coughs. But having analysed the results […]


100 Pure Royal Jelly Powder Bulk Wholesale Price

If you are looking to buy 100 pure royal jelly powder , you can take advantage of the royal jelly powder bulk wholesale of  Roodin Group, which is also offered at a competitive royal jelly powder price.
Royal jelly is a creamy white substance with a high nutrient content that young bees make to feed queen bee larvae. There are claims that it offers a range of health benefits, such as easing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and supporting wound healing.

Can we use royal jelly daily?

Royal Jelly can be taken once daily, preferably in the morning after getting up, or you can do this twice a day, in the morning and afternoon. It is not recommended intake of royal jelly in the evening because it raises the energy in the body and can cause insomnia. The best way to use […]

Bulk Refined Beeswax Pastilles/Granules/Pellets For Sale + Bar/Slabs

As you know, beeswax is a natural product of bees. And today it is used as a raw material for many wax products such as beeswax pellets and beeswax slabs.
Beeswax pastilles and beeswax granules are other names for beeswax pellets. And also beeswax block and beeswax bar are other names for beeswax slabs.
So first we will introduce more of these waxes.

Bulk Organic Raw Beeswax Block For Sale + Wholesale price

Bulk organic raw beeswax block for sale is one of the big beekeeping sales. Raw beeswax wholesale price depend on shopping season and the quality of it.
Beekeepers are the main sellers of this product, and honey bee wax companies are the main wholesalers of raw beeswax.
First, pay attention to the following video about raw beeswax, let’s watch:

Buy pollen Bee Bread Bulk + Bee Bread Price

One of the best bee products is pollen bee bread , which is made by bees by collecting pollen from different plants.The final steps of pollen bee bread production is done inside the hive by adding honey and other substances in bee saliva and compressing them in hexagonal honeycomb cells.
In the clip below, all these steps are fully explained. We draw your attention to it:

Bee pollen capsules

Pollen is quite a varied plant product rich in biologically active substances. it contains the male reproductive cells of flowers, also contains digestive enzymes from bees. Pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and amino acids. It’s also a great source of antioxidants. Bee pollen is a food supplement widely used in the […]

US Honey Imports | Import Honey to USA + Requirements

Most honey importing countries are producing honey themselves. But honey production in these countries is not enough to meet their needs. For these reasons, these countries have no choice but to import honey.
Top honey importing countries: According to statistics, the United States and the European Union have the largest imports of honey in the past several years.