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Honey Bee Venom Price + Bee Venom Suppliers

bee venom suppliers say, It takes a lot of effort and time to get one gram of bee venom. In addition, a large number of bees Should be sacrificed to produce this amount of honey bee venom.

The same factors show the worthiness of bee venom. The price of honey bee venom is also high on the basis of these factors.

First question: “what does honey bee venom do?”

What Is Honey Bee Venom

first, let’s watch the following clip about this subject:

Honey bee is calm and insensitive. This insect, if far from the hive, rarely rushes to sting. But to protect the hive, it will surely use its sting. Bee venom, due to its high potential, can be used in pharmacy.

That’s why some beekeepers have been collecting bee venom these days. Due to the low production of bee venom and its many benefits, this product is considered one of the most valuable products.

What Is Honey Bee Venom Used for

Bee venom has been used by some cultures to treat various diseases from ancient times. Today, with the advent of new diseases, scientists are looking for serious treatments for these diseases.

What Is Honey Bee Venom Used for

One of these treatments is bee venom. Scientists are currently investigating the effects of honey bee venom treatment for MS. Bee venom is also used in the makeup industry and also for the production skin care products.

In the past, they used direct-injection poison, but nowadays beekeepers extract bee venom using different methods.

Honey bee venom uses

Bee Venom Destroys HIV And Spares Surrounding Cells. Nanoparticles containing bee venom toxin melittin can destroy human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). While at the same time leaving surrounding cells unharm.

According to proponents of bee sting therapy, bee venom contains compounds with anti-inflammatory effects. By reducing inflammation, these compounds are there to promote healing and alleviate pain.

what does honey bee venom do

One of the bee-venom compounds there to possess anti-inflammatory properties is call melittin. Bee venom is given as a shot for rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain (neuralgia), multiple sclerosis (MS).

Also reducing the reaction to bee stings in people who areallergic (desensitization) to them (venom immunotherapy). Moreover, swollen tendons (tendonitis), and muscle conditions such as fibromyositis and enthesitis.

Honey bee venom ingredients

honey bee venom protein

honey bee venom, is a bitter colorless liquid containing proteins. The most prevalent ingredients in bee venom: mellitin, adolapin, and apamin. Which may produce local inflammation. It may have similarities to sea nettle toxin.

The bee venom ingredient in a cream, mask, or serum serves as a trigger for your skin to think it’s been stung. In turn, its natural response is to boost collagen production and blood circulation on the double, tightening and plumping to aid in anti-aging efforts.

honey bee venom ingredients

However,  research has proven that Purify Bee Venom is a potent combination of enzymes, peptides and amino acids that works on all levels of the skin.

Hence, to encourage naturally occurring cell regeneration, boost collagen formation, accelerate the recovery of damaged skin cells and act as a natural alternative to harsh .

Bee venom therapy facts

Bee venom therapy (BVT) is used since ancient Greece to help relieve pain from rheumatoid arthritis. This is due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. Research has found that BVT can lead to a decrease in swelling, pain, and stiffness in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

The exact way in which bee venom works is not fully understand and its benefits have not been scientifically proven. But it is use to treat arthritis, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure. If patients cannot face being stung by live bees, they can  inject with the venom.

Bee therapy is the medicinal use of products made by honeybees, such as honey, pollen and venom.

honey bee venom protein

The therapy uses the venom from bees to treat ailments that don’t respond to traditional Western medicine. Bee venom is usually inject using a syringe.  Although in some cases a bee sting is used to inject the patient directly with the venom.

Infact,  base on one study, it is conceivable that there is  allergens in honey that cross-react with bee venom. All possess anti-inflammatory properties and can help to reduce inflammation in the body. Benefits can also be derive from the body’s own immune reaction to the venom.

Honey bee venom production

bee venom manufacturer & producers

Considering the many studies that have been done on the bee venom, the benefits of this substance for humans body are largely determined.

One of the most uses of bee venom is to produce all kinds of medicines for the human body. For this reason, bee venom manufacturers have now increased their products for medical use.

Honey bee venom production

Bee venom producers are beekeepers in every country that could supply honey bee products. for example in middle east, Iran and Turkey have the most number of bee hives and its products in the world.

Bee Venom Priceline

bee venom price per kg

Bee venom is one of the most valuable bee products. This product has a lot of medical uses. In addition to get a small amount of  honey bee venom, the population of twenty bees should be eliminated. These factors make the price of honey bee venom high.

Iran is one of the largest manufacturers of bee venom in the world. Due to the high number of hives in this country, production of bee venom in Iran is not far off. Iranian beekeepers sell the product both in pure and powdered form.

Honey Bee Venom Business Cost

Bee Venom Priceline

bee venom export rate

There are many things that beekeepers should cost to get that product. The electrical device is one of those costs. But the main cost are honey bees that should be used for producing honey bee venom.

Honey bees should feed with pollen and other supplements before they receive a mild electrical shock  . These factors raise the honey bee venom price.

The rate of bee venom varies from country to country. The higher the quality of the venom taken, the higher the price. Iran like India, is one of the bee venom manufacturers. If the quality of the venom produced in Iran is high, it can even be sold at a price equal to seven times the price of gold.

Bee venom export is done with Roodin Group Company in Middle East.

Bee Venom for Sale

Given the high value of bee venom in the world, many beekeepers are trying to produce this product for sale. Beekeepers use special traps to produce bee venom. These traps use electric force to make honey bees to sting and release their venom.

bee venom export

Selling Honey Bee Venom

Given the high value of bee venom, beekeepers don’t force any problem to sell this product. Buyers of bee venom know what a worthwhile product they are buying. Usually suppliers of bee venom are selling this product to research and pharmaceutical centers.

Factory supply 100% natural bee venom price is good for traders.

Honey bee venom collector

honey bee venom extraction & extractor

bee venom collector is a special electrify device that causes bees to sting a synthetic membrane. However,  release their venom can harvest about one gram of bee venom from 20 bee hives. Probably,  one gram of bee venom is worth a whopping 350 dollars.

A collector frame is place at the entrance of the hive. So when bees come in contact with this frame they receive a mild electric shock. Hence, they react by stinging and the venom is collect on a glass sheet, dried, then it can be collected.

Honey bee venom collector

Honey bee venom buyers

Honey Bee Venom powder Market

There are many different types of bee venom in the market. One form of supply of honey bee venom is in powder shape. Honey bee venom powder is more commonly used by bee venom suppliers for ease of transport and shelf life.

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