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Where to buy propolis ointment in cheapest price?

Propolis is a gum that is collected by bees. Due to its biological properties, it has antibacterial, anti fungal and healing properties.

If you are a fan of honey and have therapeutic benefits, you may have heard about Propolis.

Propolis is a bee gum that protects the hive and holds it firmly, but this viscous material has many health benefits.

It is useful in fighting cancer, relieving eczema and even treating colds and influenza.

First of all, we draw your attention to the following clip about propolis ointment or propolis cream & gel.

What is Propolis?

Propolis is a brown-colored substance that is made up of a mixture of bee wax, resin, herbs, herbal compounds and their saliva.

Its name comes from the Greek pro word means “in defense,” and polis means “city,” which in total means defending the city (or the hive).

In this hive, it is a protective material that is vital for honey and bee survival. It helps protect bee hives against elements, strengthen internal structures, guard against disease and parasites, and even use mummies for those who can not kill them.

This material is essential for the survival of the hive and can be useful in many ways to humans.

Like all bee products, propolis has many benefits to human health. It has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties, which make it an excellent initial defensive line for any mild illness or sore throat that slowly rises.

But this natural substance has been investigated in vitro for its biological activity in serious cases such as cancer cells.

raw propolis

raw propolis

How Propolis works on Body

Protective effects of bees on the human body, such as the effects of this substance on the bees, are in the body that strengthens and stimulates the body’s resistance, creates immunity and adds the protective effect of white blood cells to the elimination of invasive germs.

In general, propolis has local anesthetic effects and anesthetics (due to the presence of volatile oils), the protective effect of the liver, immunity, reflux of cartilage, increased platelet count, elimination of liver poisons, antiparasitic (such as parasite), anti Inflammation of the oxidation state, and has therapeutic effects on respiratory system diseases (pneumonia, tuberculosis, sore throats and cramps and sinuses), mouth ulcers, gums and skin, toothache, tooth decay, skin discomfort, digestive diseases Gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, colon and inflammation of the colon), treatment and repair of bone fractures, joint pain, muscle damage, bladder and prostate enlargement, Blood flares, burns, seizures, bronchitis, tuberculosis, face and throat irritations, diseases and disorders of women, radiation complications (gamma) and cardiovascular disease.

protect hive

Propolis Effects On Hive

Propolis has reindeer root, which means the city’s gates and defenses (the population of bee honey).

Honey bees use this material to shrink the flying hinges and passageways, attach the hinged frames to each other, blocking open holes around the hive, disinfecting the hides and hives and extruding external mummies (pests and enemies), that are relatively large.

Worker bees have more than three weeks of age, generally in the morning, the cell sap of flowers, stems, buds (such as Tabrizi trees), leafy trees and even tree bushes (such as pine and needles) and permeated gum.

They collect them, and young bees wax in their colonies with their wax and their secreted materials, produce bees.

The most important property of propolis is the antibiotic effect (antifungal, viruses and bacteria).

Increase body resistance

What Is Propolis Ointment Good For

Its antiviral and biocathetic property, mainly related to galangin, kafic acid, flavonoids, resin esters, cyclic acids and some of the traps; lobes in the severity of bone infections and soft tissue infections of the postoperative hemorrhage can also be used.

According to the studies, microorganisms and bacteria can not inherit, adapt themselves to this material and continue to grow and proliferate, and this product, as an effective antibiotic against all bacteria, Fungi and viruses.

If antibiotics are effective only on some bacteria, as well as bacteria over time, they will resist and immune to these drugs, but against propolis, due to its fecal and hemonic effects, Immunity is not found.

propolis ointment

propolis ointment

Propolis Cream For Skin

One of the most common uses of raw propolis in the past has been to treat wounds.

The properties of the propolis make it possible to treat different wounds with this product faster and to keep leave no skin on the skin.

That’s why manufacturers have started producing propolis cream for skin. Because the use of this product can be effective both for the treatment of wounds and the treatment of skin problems.

Propolis Cream For Eczema

Due to the fact that propolis ointment has always been used as a treatment for skin problems, now days it is used for that purpose too.

One of the uses of propolis cream is to treat eczema. But it should be noted that in some cases, the side effects of propolis are reported for the treatment of eczema.

The reason for these issue is likely to be hypersensitivity. However, consumers should be careful about the issue before taking it.

Propolis cream

Propolis cream

Propolis structure

Beetle Glue is a resinous material that is collected by the honey bee from trees and plants, and it is usually used to seal the inner components of the hive, to narrow the ventilation holes and the hole of the flight, to repair the fracture, to polish the inner surface of the honey and Mummies of the bodies of foreign animals and the like.

This material is also known as propolis, because it was first known by ancient Egyptians and called it “guardian” or propolis, because the bees at the beginning of the winter shrunk the dimensions of the hole of flying through this sticky material to prevent the entrance of the cold.

propolis cream

propolis cream

Propolis to Skincare

Honey is used because of the moisturizing and strengthening properties of creams and cosmetics. It is also used to make pharmaceutical materials by direct insertion on the wound, treating pain and ulcers, gastric ulcers, varicose wounds and burns.

Natural honey helps protect the body against infection and tissue repair. It accelerates the speed of wound healing.Honey lowers blood cholesterol and reduces depression.

Using honey in lowering blood cholesterol and treating migraine headaches helps with heart and arterial disorders.

Using propolis ointment is one of the usual ways to wash facials with natural ingredients.


Honey is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent for relieving skin burns, but research has shown that it also has other benefits to the skin that are of great interest.

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