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Honey maintenance has many points to keep in mind. We try to address the five important honey preservation points that everyone should understand.

While one of the most important facts about keeping honey is that honey is not rotting even without any preservatives and additives; fluid honey is susceptible to physical and chemical changes over time, and when not well maintained, the color of the honey may become darker.

And lose some of its flavor. For this reason and for commercial purposes, a shelf life (expiration date) is inserted on honey glasses in honey stores.

Over time, liquid honey may naturally crystallize, a process in which honey becomes thicker and lumps and finely ground. The crystallization rate is different for different types of honey.

For example, honey and toothpaste Acacia honey tend to remain fluid and able to resist better than other types of honey, while dandelion flower honey and lavender flowers quickly crystallize.


Raw Honey Recipe

In general, the honey is smelled for the following reasons:

Temperature: At temperatures below 14 ° C, honey begins to smoke. At this temperature, honey loses its adhesion, and its foreign material begins to precipitate and forms crystalline nucleus, due to the fact that honey is charcoal in the winter.

Diastase enzyme (amylase): Honey dinosaur absorbs fine particles, causing it to precipitate and become cloudy so that the particles in the honey crystallize and cause it to smoke.

Humidity: Honey in the form of crystals is actually a glucose hydrate and its amount depends on the amount of honey. For example, Mazandaran honey is smeared after about 60 days because of high humidity.

raw honey

raw honey

difference between raw unfiltered honey and filtered honey

raw unfiltered honey price

When you make the honey from the sugar syrup, you only feel the sweetness of the sweets, but when you make a natural honey, you will find it along with the other yeasts, except the sweet taste of the delicious taste of honey, depending on the type of herb.

If the lid of a honey container is closed for a while and then open it, you will probably smell the smell of natural honey.

If the honey is poured into a glass of water If it is dissolved in water, it does not have a definite form at the bottom of the glass. This honey has a high moisture content, but the more desirable honey is first dissolved without being dissolved vertically inside the glass and is placed on the same bottom of the glass The shape is accumulated.

Raw Unfiltered Honey

Raw Unfiltered Honey

Raw Honey Benefites

History of the use of natural honey is associated with the history of creation, and in almost every culture, evidence can be found of its use as a food source and as a symbol of religion, music, and the treatment of disease.

Over the course of several thousand years, until the early 18th century, honey was the main source of sugar, but in the last few centuries, with the growth of sugar cane and beet sugar industry, the use of natural honey as the main supplier of sugar declined significantly.

Natural honey production has also been widespread during the Achaemenid period, but Iran is also influenced by other countries over the past few centuries to supply sugar from cane and beet sugar.


Raw Honey to Buy

The crystallization process can be easily reversed, and this reversal does not affect the taste and quality of honey in any way, although it changes the appearance of honey in an unpleasant way.

So do not dispose of the grated honey because its quality has not been lost. Crystalline honey can easily be restored to its natural state, for example, it can be poured onto the toast, so that the honey is crystallized and melted and eaten.

Also, the glass of this type of honey can be placed in warm water (about 40 ° C) and as soon as the finely ground sugars are dissolved, it is removed from the hot water and placed in place to cool as quickly as possible.

Remember to avoid adding boiling water to honey, because the honey that is processed or heated will remain fluid for several months. For this reason, some commercial honey producers pasteurize it, which causes the honey to heat rapidly and then quickly cool down to slow down the process of crystallization so that honey takes a longer time into store shelves It will remain liquid (and will have a good appearance).

raw honey

raw honey

10 best raw unfiltered honey suppliers

raw honey benefits

Honey color is classified into 7 floors:

1- Clear like water

2- Too bright

3- Bright

4. Very bright amber

5. Amber light

6. Amber

7. Dark amber

There are specific methods to measure honey color. Honey color is not a standard of honey quality, but it is an important factor for consumer tastes.

If the temperature and time of the color does not change the color of the honey, it is possible to identify the color of the honey from the flower source of the bee nutrition. After the crystallization, the color of the honey becomes brighter.

Honey is used as a coloring agent in the food industry. The honey is very strong in the Mailard reactionin reaction.

honey suppliers

honey suppliers

Whats the difference between raw and unfiltered honey?

Optimum maintenance temperature

Often, among the honey keeping notes, honey can be kept at room temperature and should not be kept in very cold or very hot places. The problem is that this may be confusing because the room temperature varies from country to country.

For example, room temperature in a cold area may be kept at about 35 ° C, so in these areas, honey should not be stored at cold temperatures, as this will make honey harder and remove and mix it with It makes it harder for other food and beverages and also increases the speed of sugar honey.

Avoid moisture absorption by honey

The honey should be kept in a cool and dry place, and it must be ensured that the lid of the container is completely sealed, because the honey tends to absorb moisture from its surroundings, which may result in fermentation and degradation of its quality.

Always remove honey from the glass using a teaspoon, because any moisture and water should be introduced into the honey glass.

raw honey

raw honey

benefits and dangers of raw unfiltered honey

Glucose: The more glucose the honey is, the faster it is sugar. Glucose concentrates 30-70% and fructose 78-90%, but also depends on the amount of heat.

Acacia honey, which has low glucose (35% glucose and 35-40% fructose), does not smoke even after four years, but lime-tree honey (rapeseed) and rapeseed, which have a high glucose content after a week of sugar, as well as sunflower honey Glucose has a lot of sugar after three weeks to a month.

Citrus honey, which has high glucose and fructose, begins to sugar after three months, but honey produced from pure glucose never smudges.

• Substances and extraneous matter: Substances such as wax particles, pollen, dust, etc. act as honey crystallization nuclei and accelerate sugar production. Usually, to avoid sugar, honey is smooth and the waste material is extracted.

It should be noted that it does not heat up before it is flattened because the particles inside it are melting and melting with honey, which is applied to the flavor and compounds Honey affects negatively.

Usually, old and black honey is sugar-rich sooner than fresh honey because it contains more substances and substances.

According to researchers, Thicken honey has more minerals than light honey, but it should be noted that this darkness is not affected by extreme heat and light.


raw honey

raw honey

How long does raw unfiltered honey last?

Keep the honey away from direct heat (close to the cooker or kitchen appliances) or direct sunlight (near the windows) because overheating can affect the properties of honey over time, which is why some honey Inside dark containers are sold. However, these dark containers do not allow the consumer to judge the color, viscosity and honey crystallization.

While honey packaging in glass is preferred by some individuals, so that the glass is relatively neutral and does not react to food and does not lead to any chemical changes, storage of honey in plastic containers for food should also not cause any concern. About the safety or health of honey.


unfiltered honey

unfiltered honey

Raw Unfiltered Honey Price For Export

When should you keep honey in the refrigerator?

In general, keeping honey is not recommended at all in the refrigerator. For honey that has a high moisture content naturally, without proper storage and over time, yeast may be replicated and fermented.

While fermentation does not necessarily have any health risks, some honey business growers pasteurize their produce to eliminate any yeast cells inside it.

For honey that is very fluid and requires long-term maintenance, keeping it in the refrigerator is advised to prevent possible fermentation and flavor changes.



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Which honey is most recommended for honey?

Honey is sweeter because of its fast absorption of sugar, if it is consumed in the morning, and sweets are stimulating the secretion of the beta-endorphin hormone, but it should not be forgotten that the joy and tranquility of honey is not inconsistent, and if you take honey during sleep, it can be soothing and Sleepy Honey consumption is better in the morning and is good with milk or in tea or with a little cream or butter, if you do not have overweight.

Honey is not allowed for children under one year.

The reason is the probable bacterial clostridium botulinum that can be atal.Eating as much honey (a spoonful of jams) is not a problem if you do not have diabetes.

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